27 January 2016

Launch of 9 PROVINCE Properties – An Innovative New Private Property Portal for South Africa

Submitted by Steve Mallach

9 PROVINCE – A new and innovative private property portal for South Africa to sell and let properties online has been launched.

Durban January 27, 2016

9 PROVINCE, a user-friendly property portal has been launched and aims to provide private property owners and real estate agents in South Africa with an easy-to-use platform to sell and let their properties online.

Zed Chamaa, who created the platform, said that he saw the need to improve upon the existing experience of people looking to buy, sell, rent or let property in South Africa, either privately or through a real estate agency. “Although there are a number of property portals that focus on the South African private property market, we wanted to offer users a better alternative, a property portal that they could actually enjoy using and one that would help them more quickly achieve their objectives.

This is only the beginning of our journey, and we have a long way to go to fulfill our vision. We will do so by constantly improving the user experience and where appropriate, applying the feedback from our users. Besides improvements, we will be rolling out innovative features and functions over the coming weeks and months,” said Chamaa.

“We invite anyone who is looking to sell or let a private property in South Africa to list it on the 9 PROVINCE property portal at no cost to them. We only charge for optional premium services such as featuring certain properties on the Home page.

Visit the 9 PROVINCE private property portal now at https://nineprovince.co.za/ and start listing your properties across the country and the world”, said Chamaa. Each province in South Africa is unique and has some breath-taking properties.

The 9 PROVINCE private property portal has been cleverly designed to showcase and promote the beauty of South Africa’s private properties to a local and international audience.

“South Africa has enormous growth prospects and the country is hugely diverse in terms of the property that is available. People across the globe who are introduced to the country invariably fall in love with it, as have we. We have created a platform for buyers and sellers to take advantage of the wonderful diversity we have in South Africa and reflect its beauty through the power and reach of the Internet. The core functionality of the portal is to provide quality leads to those users who list their properties on the 9 PROVINCE private property portal. This guiding principle will not change and will only improve over time”, said Chamaa.

Zed Chamaa 9 PROVINCE Properties Managing Director

Email: properties(at)nineprovince.co(dot)za

Website: www.nineprovince.co.za

Communications Manager 9 PROVINCE.

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