11 January 2021

John Deere Generators South

Submitted by Bruce Lockhart
John Deere Generators South

As leaders in the prime and backup power industry, Penpower is proud to stock an extensive range of John Deere engine-powered generators to keep your operations up and running through rain or shine. World-famous in the agricultural industry, our PPjd range of generators are the no-nonsense power solutions for farmers, and Penpower and John Deere go further to offer excellent aftersale support to continue to support these already remarkably reliable engines. This makes them a steadfast farmers’ favourite, allowing maximum production efficiency and minimal downtime.

For customer peace of mind, John Deere’s extensive generator range meets all worldwide emissions regulations and certifications, essential for the protection of our environments. From non-emissions certified engines to Stage III A (Europe) and Interim Tier 4 (North America), our generators can meet all industry regulatory requirements.

Simplicity and Convenience

John Deere generators are renowned for their simplicity and convenience and are easily maintained. All service points on the generator are located on a single side for ease of access and quick services, minimising downtime and making them easier to operate. Their latest engines are also designed with noise and vibration minimisers for quieter operations.

This innovative range also offers electrical controls on almost all their generators, which goes a long way to providing load recovery, clean power, engine monitoring, better diagnostics, and easy synchronization when running multiple generators at once. This versatility and user-friendly optimization take all the fuss out of their operation, making sure your generators get to work as quickly and efficiently as you do.

Power your Operations with Penpower

Looking for a reliable engine to provide standby power or prime power for your operations? We offer an extensive range of John Deere powered generators for your business, all with their OEM parts for your peace of mind. Our sales department and technicians are available to answer any questions you may have about our range and after-sales support.

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