03 November 2020

Innovative Digital Platform to Change the Future of Affordable Housing in Africa for Good

Submitted by Amanda Kemp
Innovative Digital Platform to Change the Future of Affordable Housing in Africa for Good

iLima Digital Foundary will officially launch the AI-driven Afrika Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) at the 36th Annual AUHF Conference this week. The conference focuses on drawing in investors, developers and professionals to discuss and debate market growth and opportunities in green development, infrastructure building, services, job and inclusive economic growth.

The ACIP AI platform will demonstrated for the first time in public and features an open digital platform offering many new alternative construction technologies to improve the lives of communities through efficient delivery of affordable housing to South Africa and Africa.

ACIP addresses a number of the Sustainable Development Goals set for 2030 with a main focus on increasing resource-use efficiency and greater adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies. By bridging the existing gap between the digital and physical layers and creating a closed loop system with single source of truth data (SST), ACIP address a number of industry pain points. Instead of having separate, fragmented solutions, the platform spans across the entire lifecycle of a building, creating a consolidated database that can be used to significantly reduce the cost and time and enhance the quality,  sustainability and transparency of building affordable housing.

ACIP's AI-driven platform is a distributed architecture data storage and processing platform that manages the data (digital and physical) collected and disseminated for the end-to-end construction process. ACIP is configured as a hybrid platform to support both the transactional and the developmental activities. It collects as-built data as well as as-designed data in real time to build the SST.

Via its Smart Building Advisor User Interface, ACIP, the “UBER platform for Construction," matches the Producer Side (PS) and the User Side (US) and supports the user with instructions, analytics and predictive advice throughout the Building lifecycle.

Moladi, iLima’s new partner who specialises in reusable plastic formwork, will demonstrate how the ACIP Platform can be used to reach construction communities in South Africa and across Africa. Predictively, this will provide them with alternative technologies to build durable structures of quality in the shortest period of time.

iBuild, will also demonstrate the integration of their SaaS based Affordable Housing Marketplace into the ACIP Platform thereby offering an immediate link to the institutional user. 

iLima Digital Foundary would like to transparently and securely connect all the stakeholders involved in the design, build and operate process of the building  to create a democratic value chain where everybody can offer their services to the affordable housing sector.

About iLima: an Independent Company based in Johannesburg and San Francisco, disrupting the current construction process by harnessing big data and industrialised construction technologies to accelerate the construction of Affordable Housing for Africa. This will be achieved through the unique AI-driven Afrika Construction Innovation Platform (ACIP) matching producers and users across the complete building lifecycle enabling the building of Affordable housing “cheaper, faster with more quality and sustainability. The Core IP creates a single source of truth accessible to all stakeholders in the construction lifecycle, delivering significant benefits to Africa’s construction industry, economy and, ultimately, the people of Africa. 

Issued on behalf of iLima Digital Foundary