31 January 2021

Dry Ice Africa - 20 Years of Success

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren

About Dry Ice 

Dry Ice Africa has been a trustworthy and reliable dry ice manufacturer in South Africa for more than 20 years. Located on the East Rand in close proximity to the OR Tambo International Airport, Dry Ice Africa supplies various shapes and sizes of high density, food-grade dry ice. Dry Ice Africa supplies the following products and services: 

Our Products 

Dry ice Pellets Ø = 16 mm

Dry ice pellets have an average length of 50 mm and are suitable for the transportation of various fragile cargo items, e.g. vaccines, blood and medical samples.  It is ideal for smaller samples of products because of its size, as it can be manipulated to fit all kinds of consignments and may also be used as a cooling agent for recreational activities, e.g. camping and fishing.  Other applications are also possible by creating smoky special effects for parties, catering events and movie shoots. 

Dry ice Pellets Ø = 3 mm

These pellets are mainly used for dry ice blasting.  Dry ice blasting is an industrial cleaning method which is environmentally friendly and non-abrasive.  The pellets are accelerated in a pressured air stream directed at the surface which is to be cleaned.  Once it impacts the surface, it sublimates into a gas, leaving only the contaminant behind. 

Dry ice Blocks

Dry ice blocks are mainly used by campers, vendors or transport companies to preserve food supplies for an extended period of time, especially to keep products cold or frozen during an emergency.  This product is packed in a 10 kg box and has the best longevity in the range. Block dimensions: 140 mm x 140 mm x 90 mm, Block weight: 5 kg 

Polystyrene Containers

Dry Ice Africa stocks an extended range of polystyrene dry ice storage containers. A large variety of containers are available, ranging from small 4 litres to large 80 litres containers.  Stock is always available, and the general public is welcome to visit the production facility in order to choose the ideal container. 

Delivery or Pickup – the choice is yours

Dry Ice Africa is conveniently located in Spartan on the East Rand – 10 minutes’ drive from OR Tambo International Airport and a mere 20 minutes’ drive from central Johannesburg.  A large fleet of vehicles deliver in all areas surrounding Johannesburg.  The general public is invited to come to visit the production facility and purchase dry ice directly from the factory. 

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(We also deliver dry ice to designated countries in Africa

Production of Dry Ice 

Dry Ice Africa currently has a production capacity of more than 24 tonnes per day, achieved by a range of dry ice palletizers.  Dual supply of liquid CO2 to Dry Ice Africa, ensures stability and continuity for clients in the dry ice industry. 

Visit our website here or contact us on 011 394 8642.