08 July 2016

Cape Gas: Offering Safety with Professional Gas Services

Submitted by Cape Gas
Cape Gas: Offering Safety with Professional Gas Services

When it comes to dealing with flammable substances, safety is very important. Cape Gas, with their motto that safety is priceless, is a well established gas installer in LPG industry.  They have a sound knowledge in the liquid petroleum gas industry with experience over 30 years. Cape Gas is one of the leading gas installation companies in theWestern Cape. They are passionate about providing professional and safe services.

Cape Gas strictly believes in abiding to all the safety rules of gas industry. They are registered member of Liquid Petroleum Gas Safety Association of Southern Africaor LPGSASA. All installers of Cape Gas are registered and licensed with the South African Qualification and Certification Committee for Gas or SAQCC.  Cape Gas works in accordance with to the SANS Code 10087-1 to 10087-7. They fully comply with the Occupational Health & Safety Act.

They have taken initiative to provide safety tips to all their clients and website visitors. Their well maintained website has tips and safety page that is updated regularly.

What they do?

Although they cater to all aspects of the LPG industry, LPG installation is their core business. Domestic gas installation services of Cape Gas ranges from Basic Economic installation to multiple appliance connections.  They provide commercial gas installation services to industries that include- hospitality and catering, restaurants and cafes, coffee shops, company kitchens, coffee roasters, power coating companies.  LP gas installation for many other commercial applications is also provided by Cape Gas.

Industrial installation services for larger companies are also done in accordance to SANS 10087-3&7. Cape Gas also provides pipe fabrication, steel fabrication and leak detection services.

Cape Gas is licensed to provide repair and maintenance services. They repair, replace and maintain all pipes and other working parts associated to LPG installation. They issue certificate of conformity or C.O.C to new installation that they provide or older installations that they inspect. COC certificate is required while one is changing of ownership or when they are selling homes (as a part of transfer documentation).  Apart from that they provide consultation and project management services, pressure testing services for LPG vessels and submit of plans to council for approval.

To know more about the company, their services or to learn some safety tips visit their website: http://www.capegas.co.za/

About the company:

Cape gas is one of the leading gas installation companies in Western Cape. Offering full spectrum of services in the LPG industry, Cape Gas holds sound knowledge and experience in this field.


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Cape Gas is a certified LPG-installation firm that is registered with the LPGSASA. Their work ethics are guided and informed by the SANS Code and Occupation Health & Safety Act. All of their staff are registered with the SAQC and are licensed gas professionals.