03 December 2019

African Tank Systems contribute to the World's first Bank for the business of Water

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren

While water is fast becoming Africa’s most important currency, African Tank Systems is playing a significant role in contributing to the success in the Agriculture, Industry, Business and Mining sectors of African countries as well as to keep African communities running.

We are living in a world where water will determine who thrives and who doesn’t and who you bank with make all the difference.

African Tanks Systems (ATS), a leader in custom designed water storage tanks has been awarded the exclusive rights to represent Tank Connections who is an industry leader of custom designed bulk storage tanks and integrated storage systems. The storage products and services of Tank Connections are recognized as the best available in the industry.

As the leader in providing innovative industrial storage tanks in Southern Africa for many years, ATS has become known as a ‘water bank’ providing an economical, convenient and stable supply of water to protect every community in Africa from the risk.

ATS provides different types of ‘water banks’ – Cement storage tanks, Bulk Liquid storage tanks that include:  aluminium geodesic domed tanks, industrial liquid storage tanks, fire protection tanks, anaerobic digester tanks, waste water storage tanks and municipal water bulk reservoirs  and Dry Bulk Storage Tanks that include:  biomass storage tanks, food storage tanks, plastic resin storage tanks, chemical storage tanks, AG & Meal storage tanks, power utility tanks, mineral storage tanks, flue gas desulfurization and limestone tanks and cement storage tanks.

Their expertise,on-the-ground experience and exceptional service has taken African Tank Systems far beyond the borders of Southern Africa to various countries across the African continent including Equatorial Guinea, Eritrea, Gabon, Mauritania, Namibia, Kenya. Quality products and exceptional service has made the African Tank system brand well-known and trusted throughout Africa and beyond

Our ‘water banks’ act like a ‘savings account’ so that businesses and communities have the water they need to keep running, even in times of water scarcity.

That’s why African Tank Systems is contributing to the world’s first bank for the business of water and the leader in supplying hygienic water storage tanks

Like a bank, African Tank Systems manages its risk to deliver the most secure and long-lasting ‘water bank’ on the market by building quality into every part of the process.