20 August 2020

A Construction Company With a Difference

Submitted by Linda Janse Van Vuuren
A Construction Company With a Difference

"Best quality at competitive pricing and a company to recommend to your friends" 

This is how business associates describe GT construction, a dependable, NHBRC-registered construction company in the Lowveld

GT Construction as brainchild of Albert Oberholster and Chris Röhm was established in 2016 in Rocky Drift Business Park, between Nelspruit and White River.

Since then the company has evolved into a leader in its field, backed by over two decades of construction expertise and a focus on building sturdy relationships with stakeholders. 

Capability and focus

The Company takes on commercial, retail, residential, schools, hospitals, clinics and industrial building contracts as well as alterations and renovations in the Mpumalanga area, with focus on the Nelspruit, White River and surrounding areas.GT Construction can undertake single contracts of up to several million rand and still guarantee customers absolute satisfaction on completion.  “We put structured thinking into the process before commencing construction to lessen the risk of frustration and failure,” they believe.Realizing a different post Covid-19 world, this company approach customers’ needs accordingly but with the same values and ethics as previously.Oberholster and Röhm know that the heart of a company lies in the values of the leaders hence both of them try to lead from the front with their prime focus on customer satisfaction and quality work.“We always feel passionate and excited when starting a project, knowing that we are able to meet the needs and accept responsibility for our individual specialist fields,” they say.Their creative minds collaborate to obtain success in design, budgets and timelines to reach a final product. While Röhm as sculptor and carpenter sees the esthetical big picture, Oberholster’s experience as veteran contractor can conceptualise any request and adhere to the original plan and attention to detail.The company is built on the fundamentals of gratitude, integrity, creativity, ethos and listening. 


Their success is built on customer interaction. “We are supported by existing customers and rely on their referrals and word of mouth recommendations,” the partners say. “We stay thankful to our Creator for being able to live our creative passion; to our families for their support; our suppliers; and above all to our customers. 


They believe in “doing what you do when nobody is watching” as a reflection of their preparations and actions on site when deadlines loom and curved balls like acts of nature or community unrest bring work to a halt. GT Construction believes that clear, honest communication remains of paramount importance. 


The company meets customers with kindness and care to convey the pictures in their heads onto paper and ultimately to a project that speaks of perfection.


The partners believe in leading from the front, paving the road as they are travelling it when entering uncertainties and challenges, while valuing and empowering their dedicated and professional staff and sub-contractors. 


For GT Construction pre-contracting to determine customer needs is essential for success. “We embrace their dreams whilst respecting the monetary investment on their behalf. Contact with customers at regular intervals are guided with questions to “tick boxes” and assure satisfaction.Time is spent on wrapping up and handing over projects, because that way recognition is fed down to staff, sub-contractors and contributors.GT Construction vows that every project is approached as a challenge and the diversity within each project’s engineering and architecture serves as learning curve in their quest to perfection.

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