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Limestone Residential Properties: Foremost Real Estate Agents in Johannesburg

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Limestone Residential Properties situated in the greater Sandton Area, Johannesburg in South Africa is the foremost and major real estate agents servicing properties throughout Johannesburg. The company specialises in the rental and sales of residential properties like houses, vacant land, apartments, flats, town houses etc.  

The company Limestone Residential Properties specialises in apartment and cluster rentals either in furnished or unfurnished forms. The company offers rentals from 3 months to 3 years. Limestone Residential Properties boasts of an experienced team of estate agents who has vast knowledge about property buying, selling and rental services and thus can solve all queries and requirements of their clients’ with ease,professional expertise and personalised service.  

The real estate company offers comprehensive offerings for landlords from once off rentals to managed leases. The company also offers full turnkey solutions for its existing clients which include selling their existing properties at a profit.   Limestone Residential Properties have a synergetic relationship with Limestone Properties who are the “off-plan” marketing agency in Gauteng, thus helping their clients from transfer of their investment properties, either by renting those investments out or by reselling them to make a reasonable amount of profit.  

Limestone Residential Properties on behalf of their clients does rental management whereby the company manages day to day aspects of their clients’ rental property which includes collecting the rents on specific dates, dealing with maintenance issues, liaising with corporate and governing bodies according to the demand of the situation, paying levies and other utility charges on behalf of the client and then finally paying the appropriate balance rental amount to theirclient. As soon as rentals are deposited in the company’s account which generally gets deposited on or before the 1st day of every month, payments are simultaneously made to the clients. Tracy Meyburgh oversees all dealings and in case of any problem she personally takes charge of the matter to solve it along with her team.  

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About Limestone Residential Properties:

Limestone Residential Properties founded in 2007, based inParkmore, in the greater Sandton Area in Johannesburg specialises in providing sales or rental services of residential properties like flats, cottages, apartments, town-houses, as well as corporate accommodations etc.  

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South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)11 784 2772
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Based in Parkmore, Sandton, Limestone Residential Properties offers quality apartment and cluster rentals in both furnished and unfurnished format at affordable prices.