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Monday, 20 January 2014 11:14

Why Mobi Matters

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“According to PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the expected amount of Internet users in South Africa will be 22.8 million by 2015 due to the increase in smartphones. With over 10 million active smartphones in South Africa people now have primary access to news, email and social networks. Mobile Internet access has given consumers a convenient, affordable way to access digital content wherever they are.”*

Considering the above prediction and statistic, deciding whether a website should have a mobi site should be simple. StorageCube capitalised on this insight by acquiring a mobi site (designed and developed by Maven Agency). 

StorageCube Mobi Site Simplifies Storage & Moving

StorageCube is a company that offers storage, removals and relocation solutions. Their services include: Storage, Relocation, Logistics, Document Storage, Storage Insurance, and Packing.

People increasingly need and access information on the go and for this type of company – which literally facilitates moving (and storage) – a mobi site just made sense. After all, adding value to the consumers’ lives is still a trending practice. Consumers expect more and if you cannot give it to them, they will find it somewhere else. 

Think about it: Individuals, friends, couples, family members and businesses are bound to relocate at least once in their lifetimes. Relocation often requires ample research and some of it cannot wait until you get home after five, six or seven in the evening. Mobiles enable us to research, filter and make decisions during the course of the day – in a tea or lunch break or on the way to a meeting. 

Now StorageCube services and other helpful information, previously only available on their main website, can be accessed and used by mobile users countrywide. 

In a nutshell, StorageCube Mobi Site is:

•User friendly

•Logically laid out 

•Easy to navigate

•Easily accessible

•Simple to interact with

Getting in touch is also extremely easy and users have the option of contacting StorageCube direct, via email, fax or enquiry form. Quick Links and featured blog posts also offer a wealth of information to browsers.

Find Out More

Visit  to view details of their services and to get in touch. Tip: Watch the “How it Works” explainer video for a better understanding of what StorageCube is all about.

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