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Thursday, 13 September 2012 11:40

Property Company in a festive mood - giving away a free apartment.

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Longain Affordable Apartments, a division of Longain Realty, and sellers of discounted apartments in South Africa, are giving away a free apartment to one lucky purchaser.  Everyone who buys an apartment through the company between now and December 1 2012, will gain entry to a lucky draw. The lucky winner will receive a fully paid up apartment somewhere in South Africa, all expenses paid, to add to their existing purchase. The draw takes place on December 14, 2012

In addition, anyone who successfully concludes a purchase with LAA will receive a Flat Screen TV or Fridge. It's the silly season come early and Longain are in a festive mood.

The company has identified entry level apartments as the best value properties on the market, for both home buyers and investors. They have already sold hundreds and have a large portfolio of bargain apartments for sale. They have decided to have a little fun and offer their buyers the opportunity to win an apartment and receive a cool gift – as long as they buy of course.

Longain is no stranger to innovative ideas. The group have started many successful businesses, from call centres and mobile phone package deals to property. They have succeeded in a number of different fields, though their one constant is property. The company has been dealing in real estate for more than two decades and after much research and experience in the field, have concluded that affordable apartments are the best possible property investment.

Longain Affordable Apartments work exclusively with L. Appollis Realtors as their preferred Realtor of choice.

Says Laughton, Managing Director of Longain - "People who have never bought a property think it's really difficult and expensive, but nothing could be further from the truth. By purchasing an affordable apartment in a respectable neighbourhood, buyers are getting a foot into the property market. People who traditionally rent will be surprised to find out how affordable these properties are and that entering the property market today could be their ticket to financial security. For as little as R1,000 per month you could own a property. Also, by buying now at the bottom of the property cycle these properties should experience tremendous capital growth over the next couple of years. We strongly believe that the entry level property market could start the revival of the housing market. And of course if you buy from us in the next three months before the 1st of December, you receive a free gift and the opportunity to win an additional apartment for free."

Longain Affordable Apartments sell affordable apartments throughout South Africa.
They have been dealing in real estate for more than two decades and believe that
now is the best time to buy property, whether you are looking for a home or are a seasoned investor.

Many renters think it’s impossible to buy property and become a home owner.
This is simply not true. At the moment interest rates are at their lowest level in three decades,
 property prices are at the bottom end of their cycle and property is more affordable than ever.
As long as you have a steady income, you will find that buying a home makes more sense than renting.


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