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Monday, 25 June 2012 01:02

Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence in Sustainable Development Award

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Moladi Construction Technologies nomination - Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence in Sustainable Development Award 


"As part of Frost & Sullivan's research and market intelligence work, we seek to identify industry Best Practices and market leading product potential. This involves assessment of a range of companies operating within the specific area of research (in this case, South African and African social infrastructure development).

As such, I would like to make you aware that Moladi has been shortlisted for a Frost & Sullivan Green Excellence in Sustainable Development Award. The award recognises a company for displaying industry leading innovation in terms of addressing global, and market specific sustainability, through innovative and green technology and product development.

I think that Moladi's offering is outstanding within the category; the all-round package offered by the company in terms of servicing the needs of providing shelter, empowering the community through skills transfer, and operating with the goal of creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution is fantastic. It is clear that huge potential exists for the company."


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