Monday, 18 June 2012

StorTown's Story...

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So we have done it, we have dived into the world of blogging! We thought the best place to start would simply be at the beginning. So what is StorTown’s story?

Six years ago the StorTown team pioneered self-storage in Hillcrest, Durban and took the step and opened 400 secure storage units. The first customer drove through our gates in June 2006. We are proud to say he is still our loyal customer! It was a great day but also one filled with nerves as we waited for more cars to drive in!

As the site is located off the main road in Hillcrest we had a few challenges to get our name out there and to become “top of mind”. Soon through word of mouth and strong marketing our customer based increased and our storage units steadily began to fill.

As the only storage facility in Durban open 24/7 and with our excellent security reputation, we realized there was enough demand for us to expand. In 2008 we opened Phase 2 with another 400 units. In addition we opened our StorTown Store selling moving & packaging supplies such as storage boxes, bubble wrap and locks. This is the first store of its kind in KwaZulu-Natal.

2012 brings more growth and in August we will open another 100 self-storage units bringing our total to 1000. Today we are the single largest self-storage facility in Durban, South Africa. We have also branched out to short-term Warehouse Storage in Hillcrest - perfect for businesses that need temporary warehouse or workshop space.

Part of the secret to StorTown’s business success is firstly our loyal customers. We take this opportunity to thank each of our customers. Secondly our friendly team who aim to create a caring stress-free environment for our clients. We often receive great feedback regarding our staff and we send out high fives to them for their optimism!

Our team believes in connecting and staying involved with our community. Annually we sponsor various events such as the HCA Winter Fair and the Thomas More Long Walk. The iThemba Academy gratefully received donated building materials from us and we have sponsored a food drop in the Embo Valley. We are committed to the goals of Kloof Conversancy and we are one of their corporate sponsors.

So now the big news! We are very excited to reveal to you that we will be opening a new self-storage Durban facility in the near future!

So that in a nutshell is StorTown’s story. Welcome to our blog and watch this space!