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Friday, 09 March 2012 12:11

Patented three-point lock now standard on Trellidor Retractable security gates

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Trellidor’s patented three-point locking system is now a standard fitting on the majority of its Trellidor Retractable Security designs. This is the same three-point lock that is integral to the internationally certified Trellidor Plus T900, a top-of-the-range product in terms of strength against attack.

The three-point lock is a standard fitting at no extra cost on the highly popular Trellidor T700, the Trellidor T800 and the Trellidor Plus T900.   “We are the only manufacturer to offer a three-point locking system in these price categories, as this type of lock strength is usually only available on security gates in a much higher price bracket, ” said Trellidor Operations Director Chris Wright.

The patented draw-bolt lock has three locking points inside the lock stile, all locked using only one key, unlike competitor products that have as many keys as there are locking points. The draw-bolt locks into place over specially designed lock pin bolts, so the more the lock is attacked, the tighter the draw bolt locks get, and the stronger it resists an assault.

“It’s a dead-lock system rather than a slam-lock, as our design tests have proved the dead-lock to be the best defence against a concerted attack. We will install our patented slam-lock on certain models, and at the client’s request. Our slam-lock option still incorporates the Trellidor dead-lock system, but this will be a two-point lock, not the recommended flagship three-point dead lock system,” said Wright.

Each security gate is conveniently supplied with a key and two spares. Customers can choose whether to have different keys for each security gate on the premises; or whether to have them all keyed alike; or they can select random keys for all gates with one master key.

To find out more detail about Trellidor’s patented locking systems visit the

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