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Monday, 30 January 2012 21:21

Securebars - Changing the face of home security


Securebars™ is a supplier and manufacturer of clear security solutions in the Western Cape. Our products include Securebars which is a transparent burglar bar, Securegates and Securefilm.

The only constant in the world is change, and change is the basis of a growing business which we have embraced and we would like to share this wonderful opportunity of re-branding our business with all our potential clients focusing on clarity and vision. We offer security with a dual purpose vision, being stronger than the conventional without losing 12% light and most of all without impeding or obstructing the brilliant view that we South Africans are privileged to.

Our products brings newness of life to a dull and dreary security form of steel and aluminium protective bars which over the last 40 years has not evolved much excepts for a variety of designs. We on the other hand have a product which is destined to be the number one security form of choice to a market which is largely surrounded by the picturesque beauty of both spectacular mountain ranges and pristine white sand beaches.

Our transparent burglar bars comes with an unrivalled tensile breaking strength, coupled with its uniqueness, value for money, unobstructed view and most importantly, user friendly maintenance free system which assist in easy living whilst still being safe and secure within the confines of your home. Our see through bars are the next best security apparatus that is a must have in all homes as we are all vulnerable to potential intruders. Even security complex units are not deemed fool proof anymore with a strong demand for added protection in spite of 24 hour on-site security. Our product is also used extensively as baboon proofing nearer to our mountain ranges and more importantly as child proofing homes with children living in high rise apartment blocks. The litmus test would be to install our transparent burglar bars to see and feel the beauty of your home lighten up without compromising the safety of your loved ones.

We also offer Securefilm which is a clear safety film for added protection of your fixed panes which provides absolute peace of mind.

Lastly our Securegates are made of a steel frame with our transparent burglar bars straddled both vertically and horizontally provide the ultimate protection for your door openings. We manufacture them as either swing-gate option or with a slider facility and they have been a winner from day one with a growing demand on a weekly basis. Whilst secure, it does not provide that claustrophobic feel of being barred in and lends itself to an easy living life style.

Securebars™ is a supplier and manufacturer of transparent burglar bars; Securegates and Securefilm located in the Western Cape and can be visited online at

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