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Wednesday, 18 January 2012 10:30

Security Guarding in Pretoria

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Elite SA Security Solutions is a private security services provider, based in Centurion, Pretoria. With over 15 years of experience in the security industry, Elite SA specializes in providing integrated security guarding solutions in Pretoria, and also nationwide, based on the client’s specific guarding needs, and thus making it a top priority to provide the client with a fully functional, high quality security guarding operation.

“As crime is a predominantly worrying factor in South Africa, it has become even more significant to protect and safeguard our clients’ assets by employing a customized, structured and effective security guarding solution,” states Herman Mulder, CEO of Elite SA Security Solutions. Elite SA adds value to their clients’ security offering, by providing a complete security solution that is transparent in all facets of service delivery, tailoring services particular to the client and their establishment’s security needs. “Elite SA undertakes to continuously communicate with the client throughout the entire service delivery process, ensuring the service provided meets the client’s security needs,” Mulder says.

The uniqueness of Elite SA’s security guarding operation in Pretoria and throughout the country is based on the capability of integrating intelligence, counter intelligence, investigations, armed response and security consulting into a comprehensive security guarding operation. The pillar of the Elite SA security guarding operation is that the integrity, knowledge and experience of well-groomed, well-trained, skilled and presentable security officers are situated at the core of the service provided.

To ensure that the client receives a security guarding solution specific to the required security needs, Elite SA personally visits the client’s premises and performs a security valuation survey. After analyzing the results of the security valuation, Elite SA will determine precisely what is required as indicated by the quality of performance of the current security guarding offering. The outcome will further be utilized to specifically focus on improving current security guarding services and security management, ensuring that these standards are constantly followed up, where high levels of quality and client satisfaction becomes the point of focus in all areas of Elite SA’s service delivery.

“The Elite SA security guarding operation in Pretoria and on a national front, is put in place to ensure that both the security guard and the investigating officer benefit from current, real-time and accurate intelligence, where the management of Elite SA Security Solutions and the client benefit from continuous counter intelligence”, Mulder articulates, and states that “Intelligence driven investigations results in a much higher success rate of arrests in conjunction with the SAPS”. As an add-on service to the client, Elite SA Security Solutions furthermore subcontracts armed response to successful armed response role players in the market, where the client benefits directly from Elite SA's highly valued security, military, intelligence and police experience through constant security consulting.

Elite SA Security Solutions provides service support at all levels, offers management support ensuring operations run smoothly, and constantly evaluate the security guards on premises; ensuring quality service is continuously provided and maintained. Furthermore, Elite SA constantly seeks to improve the level of security services provided to its commercial clients, such as hotels, lodges and guest houses, as well as to its industrial clients, such as government premises and mines, via constant interaction with the client, consequently ensuring a security solution that at all times, meets the client’s expectations.

Elite SA Security Solutions is a security services provider located in Centurion, Pretoria and can be visited online at Elite SA specializes in providing security guarding operations, special investigations, undercover operations, security training, and risk management to its industrial and corporate clients.

Elite SA Security Solutions

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Elite SA Security Solutions is a private security services provider in South Africa. With 15 years of expertise in the security industry, Elite SA specializes in providing guarding operations, special investigations, undercover operations, security training, and risk management to its industrial and corporate clients.


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