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Friday, 09 October 2009 18:05

Susan Deacon Properties Property Update - October 2009

(From the desk of the CEO Marcel Deacon)

Yes, you read correctly. There has been so much gloom & doom talk lately in newspapers, TV, radio, etc. and it's coming from all angles, not just bank officials.

What if I told you that there was a huge increase in activity in the real estate market, that sales figures had increased month on month for the last 5 months and that registrations had also improved? What if you picked up the paper today and it read that there was a greater representation of agents in the real estate sector this year as opposed to last year? And even with that increased representation, the quality of agent got better and not worse.

  • At the Susan Deacon Properties Group we have seen a huge increase in activity
  • The sales figures prove the point but brokers and agents have been talking about a 'buzz' returning to their offices.
  • More buyers have moved off the fence and more sellers are willing to meet them halfway. Sales figures have increased month on month
  • There has been an average 7% increase month on month since March this year.
  • Sales are up by 50% on the first quarter. Registrations have increased over the same period
  • Growth over the same period has remained consistent with an increase of 6% in registered transactions.
  • 'Bring on better lending policies!' Susan Deacon Properties has grown in this period
  • SUSAN DEACON PROPERTIES represented 10% of the areas which we actively market in South Africa at the beginning of 2008. We now represent up to 40%.
  • Our market share has grown substantially.
  • We now rank on most "property" variation Google searches on the first page and in some cases the second page.

We network and have an association network of over 50 agencies Nationally and Internationally. Don't get bogged down with the negative press. Don't surround yourself with people that will talk you into a depression. Spread the positive messages. Create the 'buzz'. Some thoughts to start you off:

  • "Inflation surprise lifts hopes for rates relief" (Business Day, 30 July, Front Page)
  • "Whispers of a global recovery kick-start retirement fund investments.." (Business Day, 30 July, Page 18)
  • "The International Monetary Forum's World Economic Outlook ranks us in the top 10% of counties in respect of Real GDP Growth Projections for 2010" (

"Some people use history to predict the future; we each have an opportunity to make history by shaping the future."

Contact information:
Marcel Deacon
(CEO - Susan Deacon Properties Group)
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