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The marketing advantage of car wraps

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The marketing advantage of car wraps

Vehicle branding is one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available today. Not only will it strengthen your efforts to gain brand recognition, but it can also increase your sales leads when done right.  Car wraps are a type of vehicle branding where one or more sides of the vehicle are covered with an adhesive vinyl that typically features your company’s design, logo and contact details.

More about car wraps

When settling on the design of your car wrap, there are several important factors to consider. Since your vehicle will most likely be seen in passing, keeping the design simple yet eye-catching is crucial. With the moment it takes for you to pass a potential client in your vehicle, you should have imparted the knowledge of who you are, what you do and how you can be contacted for your services. The most important thing to ensure is that your company’s name is clear and visible, as potential clients may search for you later.

This branding design will be constructed around the kind of vehicle wrap you choose, which can be one of the following:

  • Full Wrap: The full wrap covers all your vehicle’s panels and includes a one-way vision sign for the back window.
  • Three-Quarter Wrap: This wrap includes the majority of the panels on your vehicle but does not exceed more than three quarters.
  • Half Wrap: This wrap includes half of your vehicle’s side panels as well as a one-way vision sign for the rear window.

The Signarama Difference

If you’ve ever struggled to gift wrap a present, you will know that real talent is required to make 2D materials mould correctly on a 3D form. Luckily, the specialists at Signarama have this skill! Our car wraps are made with high-grade materials, and our installers know all the tricks to ensure that you receive long-lasting graphics. The Signarama difference ensures you receive flawless and striking vehicle branding.

Custom car wraps are one of the most cost-effective ways to increase brand awareness and boost sales. By using car wraps as your marketing tool, you’re sure to achieve great results! It’s important to note that when using car wraps as marketing tools, it does not have to be limited to cars as this form of signage can be utilised on all other kinds of vehicles - from bikes to boats!

Interested in a 24/7 marketing tool that will last you for years to come? Be sure to reach out to Signarama Southern Africa for more information.

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