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Quality Handling on the Poultry Processing Line - It’s all in the Cutting Blades

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Quality Handling on the Poultry Processing Line - It’s all in the Cutting Blades

Every pack of poultry, no matter type or size, has been on a poultry processing line at some point. And in the demanding food and poultry industry, there’s always the need to reduce the risk of contamination, for the peace of mind for both you, stores and customers. The handling of poultry can be refined to an art, with the need for top of the range equipment and machinery.

But what makes a good poultry assembly line?


Whenever any part of the poultry is cut, there’s a need for the machine blade to cut in the same place every time. Every bird requires the cut in the same place, especially when it comes to skinning or eviscerating the bird. An incorrect cut from a vent drill can result in damage to the intestines, which leads to faecal matter contaminating the bird. With the Meyn vent cutters, each vent drill blade is inserted into the bird accurately every time, and when withdrawn extracts the intestines carefully and cleanly. This also minimizes loss of yield from the bird or damage to the back of the bird.


The poultry line should have a stable clamping and holding system to ensure the bird is held in place at all times. This guarantees not only the precision of the cut, as the birds are always in the same position, but also ensures that birds are never dropped on the assembly line, which leads to contamination and lost product. Correct handling also allows the birds to be effortlessly moved from one section of the poultry line to the next.

Stable positioning in the best possible way also makes it all the easier for the blade to cut cleanly through the bird.


By keeping poultry processing times low, the margin for error can be reduced. Birds have less chance of being contaminated, and less time for the bird to be exposed to the elements. Efficiency also allows for the most birds to be processed on the line, maximizing your profits and outputs.


Hygiene is of the utmost importance on the poultry processing line. Not only must every cut be accurate, but whenever a bird is bled, plucked or eviscerated, the waste product needs to be expelled and washed away. Vent drills and cutting blades are rinsed between each cut with a blast of water to ensure waste is cleaned off the blade.


A sharp blade guarantees a clean cut and minimizes unwanted damage to your poultry. Linco cutters and Stork cutters are some of the best poultry blades in the industry, with a range of machine knives consisting of circular blades and vent cutter blades. Made from the strongest and most durable steel, our blades keep their sharpness and keen edge no matter how strenuous the environment.

Investing in leading brands will guarantee reliability and high precision in every area of your assembly line. Renlaw crafts, sharpens and optimizes a number of poultry blades, including brands such as:

  • Alpina.
  • Kilia.
  • Kramer & Krebe.
  • Laska.

Avoiding the contamination of food is well worth the costs that go into a top of the range poultry line. Give your processing line the cutting edge it needs to support your business. Renlaw not only supplies numerous industries with machine cutting blades, but we sharpen, repair and optimize blades to ensure long blade life and long-lasting sharpness.

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