Thursday, 12 November 2020

VistaClad - Cladding Inspired by Nature

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Eva-Last VistaClad

Johannesburg, SA (November 12, 2020) – Eva-Last’s market-leading ClipClad system set the standard for durable, low-maintenance composite cladding materials by revolutionising the way cladding worked – from easy installation to maintenance-free long-term performance.

Now, this innovative cladding system is undergoing the next phase of its evolution, including a change in name to VistaClad with the registration of its global patent and trademark. When ClipClad was introduced into the market it breathed life into the wood-plastic composite cladding market by providing a product which offers a screwless finish with trim and finish accessories. ClipClad’s maintenance-free longevity, with proven moisture, stain and fade resistance using the Infinity series, meant the product could be used for cladding and other outdoor décor installations without fear of degradation of appearance or performance under any weather conditions.

The other major point of difference from competitors was a concealed clip strip, which provides for quick, efficient and easy installation for a flawless, lightweight finish in any laying pattern – horizontal, vertical or even diagonal.

“Now that the product has proved its worth as one of the most successful cladding and décor materials in the market, it’s time for ClipClad to become VistaClad – because what our customers see is just as important as what they don’t see. With VistaClad, installers, customers and end users of the product can rest assured that the versatile boards offer market-leading longevity, safety performance and environmentally friendly credentials along with a beautiful variety of finishes,” says Nathan Chapman – VP Global Sales and Marketing of Eva-Last.

“We look forward to the next phase of VistaClad’s development as we continue to strive for innovation that will bring meaningful benefits for our entire value chain,” Chapman adds.

VistaClad is a convenient, versatile cladding and décor solution including accessories which provides benefits for:

  • Customers: long-lasting, cost-effective beauty backed by Eva-Last’s unmatched 25-year warranty
  • Distributors: modular designs and components mean less transportation cost and more efficient handling
  • Contractors: Quick, simple installation and hassle-free product lifespan
  • The environment: Eva-Last’s composite materials are made from widely available bamboo fibres and recycled plastics, using solar energy in manufacturing


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