Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Volvo Generators by Peninsula Power Products

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Volvo Generators by Peninsula Power Products

Volvo based in Sweden manufacture inter-alia diesel engines for use in generators at their factories in Sweden and Germany.

These engines are what power the PenPower PPv range of Volvo generators. PPv range spans 100 to 770kVA and offers engines with EU Tier 2 and 3 emission ratings.

Support for this product is vast and the whole of southern Africa and response time is speedy.

Volvo is a good match for PenPower Volvo generators because of the high quality of the engine is match to the high quality of the manufacture and materials used in PenPower diesel generators. Contact us today for any queries on your PenPower Volvo Generators

 ModelE-MakeE-ModelAlternator makeAlternator modelControllerPrimekVAStandbykVaPrimekWeOpenEnclosed
 PPv95.5D  Volvo  TAD530GE MeccAlte ECP34-1S/4 DSE6110/20 85 95 68 76 R243,852.22 R276,246.20
 PPv110.5D  Volvo  TAD531GE MeccAlte ECP34-2SA DSE6110/20 100 110 80 88 R263,772.22 R296,166.20
 PPv145.5D  Volvo  TAD532GE MeccAlte ECP34-1LA DSE6110/20 130 145 104 116 R286,650.89 R311,740.60
PPv175.5D  Volvo  TAD731GE MeccAlte ECP34-3LA DSE6110/20 160 175 128 140 R319,804.22 R344,893.93