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Tuesday, 23 June 2020 13:23

COVID-19’s Impact on the Construction Industry

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Plant hire in South Africa

At GetPlant, we understand the numerous concerns and issues that your construction business and the rest of our industry is facing, both in terms of construction sites and their supply chains.

The State of the Construction Industry since Coronavirus

Keep reading our article to stay up-to-date with COVID-19 is and the impact on the construction industry that it will have in the future.

Most Construction Sites Are Still Operation

In many countries, construction is still allowed to continue due to the essential nature of these types of businesses and the measures that can be implemented to keep workers safe on-site. However, this continues to be debated in governments around the world. Many believe there are health and safety risks in building sites that could cause the coronavirus to spread, such as working in close proximity with other people. If your construction site is still open and you are struggling to get the equipment that you need, our plant hire service at GetPlant is still operational and can help you to get the products that you need for any project.

Supply Chain Issues are Leading to Closures

Although many construction sites are not being forced to close through government measures, many companies are starting to close their construction sites due to issues with their supply chains, especially those which import their materials from abroad. This could have a knock-on effect on the future of the industry, with many businesses being unable to complete their project’s requirements by the deadlines. If you are looking to boost the cash flow of your business in order to keep it afloat or to make money while your work is halted, you should consider listing your asset in our plant sales section, which will allow you to sell or rent out your equipment for a limited time.

GetPlant Helps You Hire Out Or Sell Your Plant

If you are considering the long term financial impact, you should consider the range of cost-saving equipment that we offer at GetPlant for plant hire or plant for sale. This can help you to expand into new services and can even allow you to carry on working throughout this difficult time without being too much of a financial burden to you.

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