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Thursday, 26 March 2020 14:31

REVO Timber Building Systems

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REVO Timber Building System

For the best in timber building systems, REVO Prefabricated Homes are the top modular solution for your efficient and cost-effective structural needs.

Considered the professionals choice, all of the standard designs are further customisable to your personal style and requirements, are very quick to construct, and already perfectly acceptable and compliant.Our REVO timber building systems are totally pre-manufactured, made up of a combination of insulated timber panels, posts and rails with pre-fitted window and door fixtures, making on-site assembly extremely simple and cost-effective.

All components pre-cut to size and shape before installation and shipped directly to your construction site, meaning that your customised REVO home can be manufactured, delivered, and installed in only a matter of days.As the professional’s choice, the potential applications of these modular timber building systems are vast.

The unit can be used as it is, in ‘entry-level’ format or embellished and finished both internally and externally depending on its application and requirements.The pre-drilled and CNC machined fixing points make for a hassle-free and precise fit, the insulated wall panels are pre-cladded with both internal and external cladding, and the sub-floor includes a moisture barrier, ply or OSB sub-base, insulation panels and sound dampening strips.

Your modular Timber Building system can also be integrated with concrete, brick, block or stone structures.For its final touches, make your REVO home your own with our choice of multiple roof structures and final coverings and internal and external over-cladding. Essentially a blank canvas – you can create your own look and feel to your modular building as all standard internal surfaces can then be painted, varnished or surfaced with any Architectural or interior/aesthetic decorating finish.

T&B Group Construction

We offer a comprehensive supply of products, including- Log Homes, Revo, Timber Frame, Bespoke, Conventional Construction, and Industrial and Commercial. Our skilled in-house professionals can assist with all of these projects, including a combination of the above products. We also offer many value adding options, such as- water treatment and desalination plants, waste water treatment, various power supply systems, and just about anything else a client may need for a project.

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