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Wednesday, 25 March 2020 20:38

SAWA Group - Brings you the Innovative Civil Engineering Solutions

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Are you looking for civil engineering solutions for planning, designing, and building commercial infrastructure and other aspects of construction? Do you need electromechanical engineering and turnkey design-build solutions for your superstructure projects? If so, your search should end at a highly experienced and qualified civil engineering solutions service provider. And, this is where SAWA Group comes in the forefront.  Our group of companies offers turnkey civil engineering, construction, and support services and facilities in sub-Saharan Africa.We leverage state of the art technology and global engineering solutions to meet the varied needs of our clients. We aim to provide cost-effective engineering solutions that enable our clients to adapt and develop design developments. We offer innovative design and construction solutions to help designers, architects and construction companies to work effectively.

Why choose SAWA for your project?

The innovative civil engineering solution is the second name of SAWA.  We deliver innovative and agile custom solutions in civil engineering with a special focus on the construction and support services. We also partner with the public and private corporations, non-governmental organizations, and multilateral agencies. Our mission is to transform the lives of people by increasing the availability of energy, utilities, transport, and housing. Here are some reasons why you should consider us when in need of turnkey civil engineering solutions.We provide multi-technical design, engineering, and construction capabilities to our clients.We have a large inventory of construction plant, machinery, and vehicles.We have a physical presence in various sub-Saharan countries.

Civil engineering services offered by SAWA Group

We provide civil engineering design and Construction Services to all industries. We believe in turning dreams into reality by providing exponential returns on the client’s investments. Our range of services includes:

Engineering and construction: Engineering and construction division offers services in civil engineering, general contracting, specialist electromechanical contracting and turnkey design and builds solutions for infrastructure and superstructure projects. We offer integrated solutions to meet the complex needs of our clients in the engineering and construction industry.

Plant and machinery: This division is concerned with the procurement and maintenance of construction machinery. Our team is also responsible for plant hire activities, and we work with international equipment manufacturers to provide training for machinery operatives. We also offer a high standard of service in equipment and delivery and provide real-time responses to our clients.

Support services: SAWA Group offers post-handover project services to all our clients. We will support you even after the project is completed. Our support division manages SAWA’s design, build and operate asset portfolio.   

SAWA Group is the name you can count on for the state of the art civil engineering and turnkey designs that are a right fit for your construction project. The firm offers bespoke support services like technical, logistical, and operational support and a range of other maintenance engineering and facilities management services.

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