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Our CCTV system installations allows you to protect your business’s property and assets from theft and protect your employees from those who may wish to harm you. At CitiProtection SA (Pty) Ltd, we can professionally design, install, inspect, and maintain CCTV systems customized for your environment and unique needs.CCTV systems utilize cameras and digital recording devices to monitor activity in specific locations with images being transmitted from the camera to the recorder.CitiProtection SA (Pty) Ltd offers a wide variety of solutions, from very basic cctv to cutting-edge cctv technology used in high-end cctv environments. To keep up with progressing cctv technology, our clients have the ability to view the cameras and recorded images over their existing network or over the Internet.

For CCTV services in your property, contact CitiProtection. or call 0860100202 today! 


CitiProtection SA (PTY) Ltd can expertly design and install a custom CCTV network security system in your business. Whether you need a basic cctv security system consisting of motion sensors or a more elaborate security system including wireless services and panic buttons, CitiProtection SA (PTY) Ltd allows total customization, giving you the ability to cover your entire building or strategically protect entrances and key areas.A variety of user programming options makes our CCTV installation a perfect security solution for your company or organization’s specific needs. Citiprotection cctv cameras. CitiProtection offers top-of-the-line CCTV products, access control, intrusion detection, and an advanced cctv monitoring services to complement any system or application for businesses. CitiProtection can design and engineer a cctv solution for your needs.

We provide new cctv installations, cctv camera upgrades, and total CCTV system renovations while staying within your budget. Contact us today to schedule an estimate  cctv security monitoring Call 0860100202 for CCTV services

At CitiProtection we can maintain and repair most cctv network systems. After each CCTV network inspection, our CCTV experts will provide you with a full report indicating all the checks and repairs carried out on your system. Any applicable repairs and service work will then be discussed and agreed upon prior to our work being carried out, so you’ll never have to worry about surprise hidden costs.Our CCTV inspection technicians don’t just give your cameras a quick clean – we carry out a complete checklist of maintenance on each camera, including testing the lens focus, iris adjustment, camera settings, wiring condition, physical condition, and more.

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CitiProtection SA

A South African owned and managed alarm system & armed response company. We have beocme a market leader by focussing on quality services rather than quantity. We have become the preffered supplier of alarm systems and armed response in the areas we service. We also offer a YAP YAP app which allows you to mange various alarm functions form your smartphone.

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