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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 09:42

Fab Tanks Contribution to the World's First Bank for the Business of Water

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Water is fast becoming Africa’s most important currency and Fab Tanks has joined the ranks of water storage tanks solutions companies in playing a significant role in contributing to the success in Agriculture, Business, Industry and Mining sectors in African countries as well as to keep communities running.

In a world where water will determine who thrives and who doesn’t, who you bank with will make all the difference.

Fab Tanks was founded by then founder, now Executive Chairman, Mannie Ramos Senior. During the time when Fab Tanks was established, few people had ever heard of the term ‘climate change’, much less knew what its consequences would mean to the normal running of businesses and communities. But Mannie identified that many communities lacked access to adequate water supplies and that many others faced future water shortages without urgent planning.

With uncanny foresight, Mannie Senior anticipated the increased frequency of water scarcity and, more importantly, the need to be able to supply clean water to Africa’s businesses and communities via to enable them to successfully operate even in times of a water shortage.

More than 35 years later when drought and changes in rainfall patterns have become more and more commonplace, Fab Tanks has emerged as the definitive leader in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative water storage tanks.

  Their expertise, on-the-ground experience and exceptional service has taken Fab Tanks far beyond Southern Africa to more than 35 countries. The Fab Tanks brand is well-known and trusted throughout Africa and beyond.

As the leader in providing innovative water storage tanks solutions in Southern Africa for many years, Fab Tanks has become known as a ‘water bank’, providing an economical, convenient and stable supply of water to protect every community in Africa from the risk.Our ‘water banks’ act like a ‘savings account’ so that businesses and communities have the water they need to keep running, even in times of water scarcity.

That’s why Fab Tanks is contributing to the world’s first bank for the business of water and the leader in supplying hygienic water storage solutions.

We collaborate with industrial and commercial property development companies, engineering and mining sectors, fire control companies, farms, corporates and local government municipalities to ensure a stable supply of clean water.

Fab Tanks provides different types of ‘water banks’ - Circular tanks, agricultural water tanks, mining water storage tanks, desalinations water storage tanks, fire protection water tanks, low cost housing water tanks.

Like a bank, Fab Tanks manages risk to deliver the most secure and long-lasting ‘water bank’ on the market by building quality into every part of the process.

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