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Monday, 26 August 2019 07:48

Only 10 in the country made it to the finals, CAD4ALL is one of them!

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Only 10 in the country made it to the finals, CAD4ALL is one of them!

The PG Bison 1.618 Education Initiative 2019 has just revealed the top ten finalists in South Africa in their coveted design competition.PG Bison is a highly soughtafter event, garnering hundreds of entries from design and architecture institutions from across the country confirming the popularity thereof.

Pretty sure the judging panel had a tough time deciding on the shortlist. Following on the yearly success of the PG Bison campaign and its 23 years of existence, this is only Cad4all Design College second year of participation in competing in this acclaimed event.Cad4all Design has only received full accreditation for our design qualifications in 2014,thus making us adolescent in industry in comparison with our established competitors which proves that it is not about the length of existence but the depth of our passion.

We have yet proven that we have the tenacity and competency to compete with the very best in industry .Cad4all is  immensely honoured to receive this massive recognition and commends the extensive work put in over the weeks by its dedicated staff and our very own Jano Fourie who was selected as a top 10 finalist in SA. His work was judged collectively in an anonymous process by a panel of leading industry experts.

Cad4all Design College has experienced some tough battles and trying ordeals over the weeks but remained composed and inspired to prove the contrary against daunting odds. The most memorable achievements, such as this selection of one our students as a top ten finalist, are the ones to be treasured as no one predicts or expects its occurrence.

Cad4all Design College is committed to higher learning and endears itself to the learners enrolled for a caliber of education paralleled to excellence. Jano Fourie, we are super delighted of this memorable achievement and CAD4ALL wishes to express our full support to you in your journey to success. We wish you the very best in the race to the end of the PG Bison 2019 competition and know that you have put in so much to inspire us all.

CAD4ALL College is overjoyed with the hardworking class of 2019 and the dedication and commitment of its diligent staff.In the words of Amelia Barr,” It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” Visit the home of AEC education on 

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