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Monday, 04 February 2019 11:04

6 Most Common Signs of a Rodent Infestation

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Getting rid of rodents is not always easy which is why you need the right team to help you get rid of the problem once and for all.

Cape Town, February 5, 2019 – Rodent infestation goes way back and despite man’s best efforts these tiny animals have been known to cause havoc. The Pest Managers Cape Town owner, Mr. Adriaan Jordaan, notes that their damage can be enormous and that the key to their destruction is early identification and elimination. His company which based in South Africa will help you get rid of these rodents and other pests in your home

“With constant changes in weather, you are likely to find unwanted guests at your place of residence” notes Mr. Jordaan, “this can include insects, small animals and even the disease laden rodents. “We all do our best to keep them out of our homes and workplaces, but despite our very best efforts they may still find their way in.” Here are 6 ways you can tell that you have unwanted guests in your home according to the owner of Pest managers Cape Town:

1. You will hear sounds and noises mostly in the dark

Rodents are pesky little things dashing in and out of places while scavenging for food. They are quite smart too as they prefer the cover of darkness when roaming. However, they don’t always move silently as you will hear noises in empty rooms and if they are close enough, you may hear them chewing through walls and other things.

2. Chew marks

Rodents are known to chew into anything from metal, wood, plastic, fabric and other materials. If you find chewed into clothes or wires, one or more rodents may be in your home.

3. You may see one

With time, rats and other rodents get so bold that they start running around the house in bold daylight. When you make a sighting of them in your home, then you can be sure that they aren’t living too far away.

4. You will see their dropping in the house

If rodents are living in your premise, you are likely to find their dropping in cabinets, drawers and even the darkest corners. These small, almost round droppings may have an earthy or dark color. The droppings may be highly infectious depending on the rodent’s health condition and so, never handle the droppings directly to avoid contamination

5. Fur marks

Rodents are known to have a greasy fur and when they move around the house, they may leave oily and dirty evidence for you to find. You may also find far shedding in case you stumble on an area where they have made their nest.

6. Foul smell

Since rats multiply quite fast, it’s not unlikely that some of them may end up dying somewhere inside the house; this can be in the ceiling, drawers or even inside a couch where they may have drilled a hole. The decomposing rat will give off a bad smell and unless you find it and remove it, the smell will remain there for quite a while.

In conclusion, Mr. Jordaan states that you shouldn’t stress out when you get rodent trouble; call their experts in Cape Town on 087 551 0538. He notes that they will help you get rid of the rodents and any other pests in your residence using modern and highly effective techniques. Their company is also known for staff that are highly experienced and for affordable services.

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