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Quality and Reliable ways to Burglar-proof Your Home

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Quality and Reliable ways to Burglar-proof Your Home

To keep your home, its occupants, and other valuables inside the house safe, it is imperative that you invest in top quality security. RB Locksmiths Pretoria are readily available to help with your lock issues, and overall security maintenance for homes and businesses. They are very good when it comes to burglar-proofing properties.

PRETORIA, October 18, 2018 – It goes without saying that the security of a property is a key consideration for homeowners and businesses in Pretoria. What with the number of household break-ins being on a steady rise each passing day. The statistics indicate that most of the burglars take advantage of loopholes in security to execute the robbery. It could be a lack of CCTV cameras around the compound, use of outdated lock systems, or being away from home for long. Our certified security experts believe every individual must put measures in place to prevent and minimize burglary cases in the region – whether you are at home or out of town.

To start with, think like a burglar when assessing the efficiency of your security system. Lock the door and try getting back into the house without the use of keys, apply force on the doors to see if they will budge, and look around for tools a robber might use to try and enter your property. Fix any shortcomings immediately to avoid any risks.

All access points must be secured appropriately, starting from the perimeter fence, to the windows and doors. If you can afford a barbed wire or electric fencing, the better for your cause. Windows on the other hand should be fitted with burglar bars while your doors need at least two locking mechanism.

Mr Gerrie Botha, a master locksmith and owner of RB Locksmiths Pretoria noted that the security of South Africans was a collective responsibility. “For there to be a reduction in robbery cases, all of us have to be ready to play our part.” He went on to highlight the benefits of installing various security measures like alarms, security lighting, and CCTV cameras.

Burglars are unlikely to rob or even try and enter your property if the security presents a challenge to their quest. Therefore, even if you don’t like pets, you may want to consider getting a dog because they are a major deterrent to crime.

Lastly, cut down trees and trim bushes that can be used as hiding spots for the burglars. RB locksmiths want people to consult them for an in-depth discussion about boosting home security. “We are fully qualified and experienced locksmiths who have what it takes to get the job done,” said Mr. Botha. Well, judging by the good reviews on their website, he isn’t wrong.

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