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Thursday, 23 August 2018 11:09

Local commercial property firm opens doors for SA investors in UK and Europe

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South African commercial property firm Rosh Pinah Properties is delighted to announce that it has opened a satellite office in London, United Kingdom. The office, to be overseen by South African entrepreneur Dan Greenberg, will assist South African buyers, in particular, who want to invest in commercial properties both in the UK and Europe.

In addition, the firm has enlisted the support of close associate Joseph Schiff from OEH International, who will oversee investments in Central and Eastern Europe.

Commenting on the decision, Rosh Pinah director Patricia Potgieter said: “While South Africa continues to yield opportunities, current market uncertainties mean investors are looking elsewhere in the world to balance their property portfolios.”

“Even despite volatility surrounding the Brexit negotiations, commercial property Investments have hardly fluctuated in the United Kingdom, and provide buyers with stability and limited risk exposure,” added Rosh Pinah Director René Styber.

Demand for housing close to city nodal hubs, for example, remains high throughout the United Kingdom. According to Greenberg, office conversions to apartments offer higher yields than new builds and in most cases funding is immediately available on completion of purchase.

“Investors in the UK property market can generally count on a seven per cent annual yield on a property, while borrowing at three per cent. This makes commercial investments extremely attractive."

Access to Europe

While Europe may have appeared out of reach for local buyers, according to Rosh Pinah there are a number of cherry picked investments on the market at significant yields, particularly in Central and Eastern Europe.

To this end, the company has established a number of associations with European property groups, which can provide access to commercial property deals within specific countries.

The increasing affluence among former Eastern bloc countries and the emergence of aspirational citizens, who want to see their cities model facilities that are available in the West, have contributed to a boom in retail shopping centres. According to Rosh Pinah, a number of large-scale multipurpose commercial property developments in downtown Warsaw, Poland for example, as well as large cities in Bulgaria and Romania, may be of particular interest to South Africans, who have an impressive track record in local retail investments.

“Rosh Pinah is eager to present these ground breaking developments to both local funders and developers,” Potgieter said.

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About Rosh Pinah Properties

Established in early 2015, Rosh Pinah Properties (Pty) Ltd is a niche player in South Africa’s commercial property market. Combining the unique strengths of two remarkable women – Patricia Potgieter and René Styber – each having made their mark on the growth and development of major property investments in Gauteng and beyond, Rosh Pinah Properties provides a real force in the market for property investments. Having secured and brokered such prominent projects such as Nelson Mandela Square, in Sandton’s golden square mile, Rosh Pinah prides itself in identifying prime investment opportunities within the retail, commercial and industrial sectors, and securing the right partners for sale and future development.

Rosh Pinah is a Hebrew word for foundation - or cornerstone. As its name suggests the team is committed to deals that are fused with integrity, and building partnerships that are true to their word.

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