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Tuesday, 31 July 2018 19:46

How Street Lighting Enhances Public Safety

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With increased crime rates in South Africa, one solution that is helping many residents is street lighting. Flash Freeze & Flush Enterprises (Pty) Ltd specializes in this and their experts offer durable yet affordable solutions.

Johannesburg, 31st July 2018- Darkness tends to hide a lot of evil and more crimes including muggings are reported at night. Research also indicates that even though only 40% of people drive at night, there are higher numbers of accidents at night and this can largely be attributed to lack of visibility at the time. As a company, we help solve this problem by installing quality electrical appliances, both at home and out in the streets. This helps prevent constant power failures that consequently result to streets being unsafe. We also provide street light maintenance services and thanks to the latest technology, we do install alert systems that help notify whoever is concerned, when a bulb needs changing. This is very beneficial as it helps to ensure that the streets are lit all the time. We also believe that this results to less accidents at night.

Another piece of technology that we use to make streets safer is the use of LED smart lights; these are not only cheaper than halogen but they are also better. These bulbs ensure that the security system is getting enough power all the time. In addition, these modern street lights are highly reliable since they have wireless transmission, which manages light and electricity well. This low cost, high quality service has encouraged the city of Johannesburg to install more lights on the streets and in general, that has contributed towards making the environment safer and friendlier to the public.

Our highly experienced electricians also offer advice on how to improve the quality of security lighting for our customers. In this line, we have motion sensors and environmental monitoring technologies which customers can choose to have installed as it helps to increase visibility round the clock. Moreover, flashes that are remotely triggered can be installed to scare and discourage suspects in parks or even in the streets.

Our company can also install modern lights with technology that transmit real-time images, data analytics and system management. This helps when it comes to crime solving, it makes sure that offenders are convicted and crimes are solved. Criminals are discouraged by this technology and this helps make our streets safer.

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