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What’s In, What’s Out: South Africa’s Décor Trend in 2018

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Nothing about South African décor 2018 says minimal, the style is bold, exciting, and daring at the same time. Those clean colours and smooth walls are now in the past; a wide variety of designs, textures, and colour combinations have now emerged with grey being the new black in décor.

Johannesburg, 29th June 2018- The old trend of white walls and single monotones is now out and South Africans are embracing elegant and stylish colours that complement one another. People have realized that it is the delicate colours that are more beautiful when creating a living space. What is popular nowadays is what older generations would approve of. When it comes to furniture people are going for unfinished pieces, it’s not uncommon that you walk into a house and find a cut piece of tree trunk that has been customized to match other pieces in the house. In terms of shapes, rounder shapes are the preference of the day.

Indoor plants have been in for a long time and they are still in this year. They bring freshness in the home and the great thing about them is that you can always choose the species that you love. Brass and concrete planters that have modern shapes and designs are now the preferred choices.

This year, some of the aspects that most people check before making colour decisions, include the amount of natural light a room receives and the direction the light comes from. Grey, being a colour that is in between, has proved to be quite popular as it’s neither bright nor dull. Moreover, people have devised different ways of incorporating it in rooms from sofa colours, seat covers, pillows to even floor rugs. The preferred art and patterns for decoration and decor are big, abstract and inspired by nature; these can range from plants, trees to even hand patterns.

Textures and textiles have also become diverse and there is so much to choose from this year. For instance, smooth interior walls are being replaced with bare stone wall on one, two or all sides. In addition, the new trend is to paint on the building stone to bring out an interesting contrast in living spaces. The results are breath-taking. On the other hand, when it comes to seats, leather continues to be popular while gold themed decorations are preferred for indoor décor. There is so much to choose from, when it comes to décor in 2018.

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