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Friday, 08 June 2018 18:41

Poor Painting Lowers Value of Homes in Johannesburg

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House painting issues such as cracking, flaking, and blistering, are responsible for the low prices buyers are willing to pay for homes in Johannesburg. Relatively new homes are now fetching lower prices or prolonged time in the market due to poor paint jobs.

JOHANNESBURG, June 8th 2018 -Most properties listed on the market at present are fetching low prices than their worth because of their appearance. Although buyers are encouraged to look into the structural build of a house first, most seem to be put off by its outward appearance. The result is they end up skipping the property or quoting a lower price than expected.

According to Gashwel Sibanda, a lead painter at SMG Painters Johannesburg, this is nothing new in the market. “Many homeowners in Johannesburg contact us for a fresh coat of paint on their homes just because they couldn’t find a buyer with the previous paint on. On a closer look, we always find that the previous paint job was shoddy and made the entire home look old and unworthy of an investment.” He goes on to advise that painting is critical in the appearance of a home, but it can only bring that aesthetic value when done the right way.

Mr. Sibanda says that the most common house painting problems include cracking, blistering, flaking, sagging, and peeling. In damp areas, mildew can start growing on paint. Issues such as blistering and cracking occurs when the painter doesn’t sand down the place properly before applying a coat of paint. Peeling comes about when the painter applies paint on a dirty surface while sagging occurs when too much paint is applied in a specific region without evenly distributing it.

For more information about painting, visit Mr. Sibanda’s website

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