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Tuesday, 27 March 2018 10:05

Total Change: It is time to address poorly constructed buildings in Johannesburg

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Total Change: It is time to address poorly constructed buildings in Johannesburg

The Democratic Alliance is pleased that the DA-led City of Johannesburg has done exceptionally well in addressing the issue of poorly constructed buildings across the City. 

The objective of the current investigation by the City is to establish the following:

  • The City’s role in issuing certificates of occupation which affirm the safety of these buildings;
  • The identities of contractors involved in the construction of some of these buildings; and
  • The role of financial institutions, such as lenders and banks, who funded the construction of some of these buildings.

It is evident that the ANC was only concerned about enriching themselves instead of ensuring that the needs of the poor are met. It is reckless and uncaring for the administration of a city to turn a blind eye to the issue of poor construction.

The DA wants urgent action to be taken against contractors who continue to build poor quality houses. The Department of  Human Settlements has a responsibility to ensure that housing delivery to millions of the poor is not in any way compromised.

The DA-led city of Johannesburg is determined to ensure that we redress the injustices of the previous administration and bring about a total change to the city.

Media Inquiries
Tsepo Mhlongo
DA Soweto East Political Head and Deputy Johannesburg Regional Chairperson

Lebogang Serapelwane
DA Gauteng Media Officer

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