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Wednesday, 06 December 2017 12:35

Online Factory Shop for Transparent Packaging - Coming Soon

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Magra cc has for many years been a leader in transparent plastic packaging solutions, offering a product of the highest calibre with a very strict process to provide customers with the best product every time. Whilst custom design and manufacturing are their specialities, they also have a factory shop with a wide range of transparent plastic packaging options available to the public but, are taking things one step further.Magra is offering it’s customers a new method of browsing their factory shop without leaving the comfort of their office or home, through an exciting new online factory catalog, which initially would have launched at the end of September 2017 but has been changed to February 2018.

The new online platform provides customers with a platform to view the entire range of packaging options in one place packed with information about the product such as weight, dimensions, uses and more. The shop will provide customers with a lifestyle view and drawing of each of the company's products so that customers can choose a custom off-the-shelf package that will suit their required use.To make things even easier, Magra have provided customers with a single-click online enquiry form, making it easy to get hold of a sales consultant to discuss packaging requirements or simply place an order. Now their range of PVC lid and base, board, conicals, tubes and more can be easily ordered without ever leaving your office or home. This is a step forward for the business that feels it's not quite ready for a full-fledged online shop as relationship is a key factor for Magra in their business and they enjoy having face-to-face or at least verbal contact with their customers in the purchase process to add that extra touch of customer service that many businesses have lost with the rise of digital platforms.

Corporate customers or customers with a specialised requirement can contact a sales specialist on 021 448 1399 where your requirements can be discussed and a quote put together to meet your exact packaging needs. To find out more about Magra cc and their new online factory shop, visit their site at or call at 021 448 1399 to speak to a friendly and experienced sales consultant who can give you the best assistance and advice before you buy.

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