Friday, 25 August 2017

The Science Behind Shop Fittings

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Perfect shop fittings are at the juncture of where art and science meet. In a dream store, form follows function in the most aesthetically pleasing way to create a lasting impression on clients. 

Your storefront is an invitation for prospective customers to enter, and as such it should be alluring, enticing and visually appealing in order to create an emotive response. Once inside, shop fittings need to speak to both practicality and intricacy to create an intense and memorable sensory experience. Visual elements heavily impact consumer behaviour. Lighting and colours are essential in establishing an ambiance, time and effort must be taken to ensure that your store encapsulates the desired mood.

The layout of the store and materials used seeks to encourage movement and take consumers on a journey, leading them on a predetermined, purposeful flow. Therefore, shop fittings need to be laid out with a very clear strategy in mind. Every element of the shopper’s journey through the store determines whether or not they have a great customer experience. This is a precision-oriented endeavour, and attention to detail is key. There is a very delicate balance between showcasing unique concepts and latest trends and emulating a classic aesthetic that will stand the test of time.

A case in point is the Asics store in Mall of Africa. A clean, bright shop front with a clear view of the products inside entices consumers to come in and explore further. Asics primary selling item, their versatile range of shoes, are found at the back of the store, forcing consumers to navigate the shop in order to reach them. Hero products are illuminated to draw attention. Simplicity is key in this store’s fittings; all display elements are clean, minimal and noninvasive so as to not distract the consumer from the products, allowing them to speak for themselves. White is primarily used throughout the store in order to make the colourful clothing items pop. Expert companies like Innovation Factory are specialists in manufacturing the perfect shop fittings.

Adam Dembovsky, Innovation Factory’s Managing Director, says the following, “Creating a beautifully displayed retail environment for the products you sell is vital for retail success. Your offering needs to stand out from the crowd. Take time to carefully consider the layout, lighting and finishes of your store and you will reap the rewards of a loyal and inspired consumer base.” 

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