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Monday, 22 August 2016 20:11

Commercial property startup in partnership to boost African development opportunities

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SA commercial property startup in partnership to boost African development opportunities

Johannesburg – August 22nd, 2016 Newly launched commercial property company Rosh Pinah Properties has announced an exclusive partnership agreement with the Southern African Development Agency (SADEA), backed by European funding institutions, and ResourceCo, to promote investment opportunities within Southern Africa.

Rosh Pinah founders Patricia Potgieter and Rene Styber have extensive experience in identifying prime commercial properties for rent or sale to potential clients and investors – particularly in the retail space.  Patricia Potgieter, for example, was instrumental in the sale and development of the Nelson Mandela Square, in Sandton.

Commenting on the relationship with Rosh Pinah Properties and ResourceCo, SADEA CEO Chris Micha Landmann says: “Our core philosophy is to partner with regional experts who can leverage investment opportunities for us.  We believe both ResourceCo and Rosh Pinah Properties are such partners.”

“ResourceCo has a track record in Southern Africa in all property aspects as well as project managing large developments, and we welcome the synergies that we believe will come from this association,” says ResourceCo Chairman Dr. Konstant Bruinette.

Currently the three companies are looking both within South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa for commercial property investment.  Already, Rosh Pinah is actively involved in the sale of prime office and residential space in Maputo, Mozambique.   This AAA-rated location adjoins an iconic four-star eco friendly 120 to 200-room hotel in the heart of the country’s capital.  “Africa presents enormous opportunities in the commercial property sector particularly in the areas of retail and hospitality. 

South Africa has more retail developments per capita in the world and the sector is the fourth largest contributor to our GDP, so there is a wealth of skill, experience and sophistication that we can contribute to the continent in terms of retail development,” Potgieter says.

“We find SA-based property funds, developers and investors are looking to Africa, and even Eastern Europe, to grow, and we need to capitalize on this trend,” says Styber.“So we need to be where the business is and SADEA to a large extent unlocks this for us,” she added.

About Rosh Pinah
Established in early 2015, Rosh Pinah Properties (Pty) Ltd is a niche player in South Africa’s commercial property market. Combining the unique strengths of two remarkable women – Patricia Potgieter and René Styber – each having made their mark on the growth and development of major property investments in Gauteng and beyond, Rosh Pinah Properties provides a real force in the market for property investments.Having secured and brokered such prominent projects such as Nelson Mandela Square, in Sandton’s golden square mile, Rosh Pinah prides itself in identifying prime investment opportunities within the retail, commercial and industrial sectors, and securing the right partners for sale and future development.Rosh Pinah is a Hebrew word for foundation- or cornerstone. As its name suggests the team is committed to deals that are fused with integrity, and building partnerships that are true to their word.          

Sadea is a business development and brand representation company taking enterprises, brands and organizations into key emerging markets in the African subcontinent to establish and grow their target markets in a profitable and sustainable manner and in cognizance of a fully African context.Sadea’s core sectors are New Markets, Eco-Tourism & Hospitality, Real Estate Advisory, Financing, Architecture & Project Management, Trade & Industry. 

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