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{pp}The feature for the June print edition of is Dynamic Manufacturing. Our intention is to produce 70 pages of the most dynamic SOUTH AFRICAN people, technology and companies in the South African Manufacturing Space.
{pp}In 2007 Combustion Technology will be 20 years old and still at the forefront of the burner and boiler business in South Africa.“Throughout the world there is a growing awareness of the need for better fuel economy and emissions reduction and we are at the forefront of this drive” says…
{pp}Simon's Town is the most popular residential choice in the False Bay area for out of town buyers. Because 53% of all the money spend on residential property, in False Bay by outsiders, were for homes in Simonstown. In addition buyers are willing to pay a premium of 27% for…
{pp}False Bay recorded only R34 million in residential property sales during December 2006. Doom and gloom? No. January recoded R132 million but it did not stop there. February sales were R128 million, figures that send pessimists scuttling. This is not all, a record 102 properties were sold during the short…
{pp}In the USA and Australia dry rack boat storage facilities on a commercial scale are found all around boating holiday towns, cities and in marinas. Small, medium and even large boats are stored in huge sheds with racks up to four storey high. This ensures a safe and protected storage…
{pp}Arrival Of Leading International Property Giant Villa Tritonia aims to boost local Property Developmentand Investment with the establishment of 50 Regional Agencies Villa Tritonia offers deserving Estate Agencies in South Africa a unique opportunity to cash in on the vibrant and ever increasing property market, both locally and internationally.
Tuesday, 23 January 2007 09:03

Nominate your Manufacturing Professional for 2007

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{pp}Every operation and factory has them - Those consummate professionals who ensure your operations run SAFELY and SMARTLY. We are not talking about the local IT "Wally" who is constantly bringing in new software programs just to fill his job description - we're talking an out and out professional who…
{pp} the on-line portal for the SA Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic Manufacturing industries is aiming to further extend and develop its Print and On-Line offering in 2007. Strategies have been put in place to increase circulation and drive additional traffic to the on-line portal.
[] Every time properties are sold for record prices on Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard, it appears that these exceptional prices can’t be achieved again, yet they are exceeded within a relatively short time. This comment from Denise Dogon, CEO of Dogon Group Properties, is supported by recent deals that her…
Monday, 16 October 2006 13:15

New online bond calculator empowers SA consumers

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[] Signing up for a homeloan is a scary step in any consumer's life, particularly when the interest rate suddenly hikes - as it is expected to do by half a percent rise this week. However, a new bond calculator tool from leading finance portal,, will help make managing…
[] A first for online property. launches online video streaming of new property.
[] ERA Hout Bay Real Estate in Cape Town is nestled in the very heart of Hout Bay. The combination of beaches, mountain ranges and ocean views make it one of the most beautiful locations in South Africa.

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