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{pp}We are very proud and honoured to accept the following invitation received from Habitat for Humanity International to speak about the moladi approach to affordable housing delivery – patented and developed right here in South Africa.“Habitat for Humanity International is organizing the 2nd Asia Pacific Housing Forum to be held…
{pp}The online property market has grown in leaps and bounds in the last couple of years. Today, many property buyers start their property searches online and a growing number buy property via Private Property websites before needing the help of estate agents. The evolution of the online property business is…
Tuesday, 21 April 2009 00:58

Informal Architecture

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{pp}The informal city fills the gaps left by what the formal city does not and cannot provide. Yet it is largely condemned and outlawed - its potential hidden. <br><br>Despite the UN-Habitat’s call for “cities without slums” pronounced in 1999, the number of informal settlements has drastically increased. Similar ambitions are…
{pp}3D printing is a relatively new technology here in South Africa. Simply put, it’s a physical version of a CAD file – thin slices built one on top of the other using various processes.Local Somerset West Company, Custom3D, is headed by Henri du Toit whose background in mechanical engineering and…
{pp}“Developing with community consciousness adds to the well-being and spending power of your client base. The most critical input one can make into the future of community development is the upliftment of the women of the community, as they provide the critical link between this generation and the next”, says…
Friday, 13 March 2009 18:20

Property share and share alike

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{pp}A new model in property investment has hit the Cape Town market. We’re familiar with the term ‘shares’ when used alongside ‘stock exchange’, but ever thought about buying shares in property? Not ‘timeshare’ or ‘fractional ownership’, but real shares that you can buy or sell. Realcor Cape has taken a…
{pp}The unquestionable success of social networking is something business people have been looking to tap into for some time. Now Virtual Works has developed a solution sponsored by Databuild, which is set to change the way the building industry communicates.
{pp}Revamped ABSA Centre launched to property industry today. 19 February 2008 – Urban regeneration in Cape Town received a boost today with the launch of the new look ABSA Centre at 2 Riebeek Street to the property broker community.
Thursday, 18 December 2008 11:39

Real Estate Partners Website

{pp}An Interactive 'Marketing & Educational Network' Linking Real Estate and Related Industries in a Working Partnership for the Benefit of ALL Real Estate Partners & Consumers.
Thursday, 23 October 2008 12:39

Natural and Organic Exhibition

{pp}The Natural and Organic Exhibition held their expo at the CTICC this year with a, according to reports, over 30% increase in visitor attendance. The venue was filled to the brim with ‘green’ products and services ranging from a variety of sectors, including shopping centres, beauty products and fashion items.…
{pp}Today’s workforce and environment demands far more from their protective footwear than ever before; wanting extreme comfort from safety shoes that look good, while keeping them safe at the same time.At the workplace or on the move, Rebel Footwear ensures the essential combinations of quality, styling and safety.
{pp}If you're looking for a range of safety footwear that can handle the heat, Rebel ThermoTrak is the answer.

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