21 October 2021

New podcast series maps the journey and purpose of modern psychiatry and mental wellness

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New podcast series maps the journey and purpose of modern psychiatry and mental wellness

Johannesburg: A new podcast series that maps not only the practical aspects of psychiatry, but also its purpose and shares a broader view on the service and outcomes that the discipline provides to society. The podcast series Beyond Madness, hosted by founder and editor in chief of South African Psychiatry Professor Christopher Paul Szabo, intends to share the narrative of the discipline and in the process demystify both psychiatry and the plight of those afflicted with mental illness.

“The idea of a podcast came as a natural extension of the work related to South African Psychiatry, which provides a platform for content that is not only for the discipline of psychiatry but importantly about the discipline,” says Professor Szabo. “The written word is one thing, the spoken word another. Moreover, the interactive nature of the podcast medium allows for the emergence of thoughts and ideas beyond a published piece.” He hopes that the podcasts will reach clinical professionals as well as resonate with the general public.

“If patient care is at the centre of our efforts, then information impacting on such care should be accessible. Patients have families, friends, colleagues – all of whom are impacted by patient well-being. In this sense, patients impact communities and society at large,” Professor Szabo adds. And October is Mental Health awareness month.

Professor Szabo selected the title of the podcast series carefully. It is intentionally slightly provocative but at the same time intended to highlight that there is a narrative to mental illness, and it is a layered story. “This is a serious podcast, one that takes you “beyond madness” and delves into issues that are beyond the immediate clinical reality of psychiatry but integral to its practice,” he says. “In a sense it will take you behind the scenes through the voices of selected individuals, and whilst their work may appear to have specific relevance to psychiatry, each issue raised will ultimately share broader societal implications.”

“Psychiatry is a fascinating discipline and sharing insights will not only enhance the field amongst professionals, but it is intended to bring to the fore and demystify as well as destigmatise many preconceptions. It’s also about providing insight to third parties like friends and family who are impacted in some way or another by psychiatric challenges faced by a loved one,” notes Professor Szabo.

Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave spokesperson Nicole Capper says the reason the pharmaceutical company has sponsored a podcast like this is because people have to be brave in facing the challenges of the mental well being of themselves and their families.  ‘We also hope to spread more enlightenment on mental health issues launching in October with the series as it’s Mental Health Month”.

Beyond Madness is available on http://cliffcentral.com/podcasts/beyond-madness/

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Note to editors:

Christopher Paul Szabo, Psychiatrist in clinical practice and the founder and current Editor-in-Chief of South African Psychiatry. Christopher/Prof. Szabo is currently an Honorary Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and an Emeritus Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa.

About Adcock Ingram OTC
Adcock Ingram OTC,  engineered a campaign to acknowledge HealthCare Professionals (HCPs) for their bravery. This drive has its origins even before the advent of the pandemic and has since grown in stature. Pharmacists, Pharmacies, Doctors, Nurses and other frontline HCPs have been acknowledged through this campaign. Using this platform, Adcock Ingram OTC Sponsors of Brave celebrates full-time HCPs and healthcare students whilst empowering consumers towards Self-Care as a Human Right. The “Beyond Madness” Podcast is yet another avenue to equip every South African resident with mental health nuances that contribute to each of our Self-Care. Adcock Ingram OTC are proud to be associated with Professor Christopher Paul Szabo and Cliff Central in bringing this Mental Health Self-Care series to life.

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