05 October 2021

Mental Toughness - Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset

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Mental Toughness - Your Mind is Your Greatest Asset

The trick or secret to increasing mental toughness is that there is neither trick nor secret. Dr Steve Harris, the Mind Doctor and motivational speaker, has a healthy skepticism for anything claiming a secret. Quick fixes and oversimplified solutions to achieving success or significance insult our intelligence. Instead, he favours a planned approach by systematically practicing and scaffolding the seven mental toughness components. He firmly believes that our most tremendous potential lies in our minds and is our ultimate asset.

When we improve our mental toughness, we move away from irrational fears, illogical beliefs, destructive addictions, superstitions, and other forms of self-destruction. With mental toughness, you can consistently give your best performance, regardless of what is going on within or around you. In this way, you can become the best possible version of yourself.

A Definition of Mental Toughness
The definition of mental toughness goes beyond the limiting description of a killer instinct or a high pain and panic threshold. Dr Steve defines it as the ability to prepare for consistent performance by managing your mind so that it is not distracted and directing your energy to the right place, at the right time, for the right reason. “Strong minds suffer without complaining; weak minds complain without suffering.” - Lettie Cowman.

Signs That you are Mentally Tough

  • You simultaneously have ‘fire in the belly and ice in the brain.
  • You develop a self-authoring mind that balances your socially conditioned mind.
  • You adapt and improve each mental toughness component by 1%.
  • Your concentration is fuelled by passion leading to conditional optimism.
  • Your composure transcends volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity.
  • You apply controlled aggression through increasing energy, intensity, and willpower.
  • You express confidence through supreme self-belief without arrogance.
  • You take calculated risks using curiosity with the courage to innovate and improvise.
  • You pursue competence and wisdom through learning, unlearning, and relearning.
  • You display commitment; neither trapped in gritting nor quitting – you reinvent.
  • Your mental toughness mantra is "I have the capacity to absorb pain and loss, and move on.

“The resilient brain can withstand ongoing trauma, think differently, stave off brain-related illnesses including depression, and retain cognitive memory for peak performance.” (“Keep Sharp: How to Build a Better Brain at Any Age – Sanjay Gupta 2021)

Motivational Course For Corporates
Dr Steve offers a motivational course for organisational groups during these tough business conditions, which consists of ten forty-five minute modules, blending skills associated with motivation to help you discover marginal gains in your performance. These include topics such as;

  • Going from fragile to agile by identifying and magnifying previously hidden personal differentiators. This enables you to accelerate ahead of current problems into a future where you are more competitive and fulfilled.
  • Improving your mental and physical abilities through the application of critical thinking, holistic wellness, fostering teamwork, managing conflict and aligning your culture with the organisational culture.
  • Creating new competitive advantages that help manage struggles as well as set new benchmarks through the seven components of mental toughness (concentration, composure, controlled aggression, confidence, calculated risks, competence and commitment)

Dr Steve has helped many organisations develop competitive strategic differentiators along the lines of leadership, change management, teamwork, sales, service, and wellness. Each of these is enhanced by having staff who become mentally tougher.

Contact Dr Steve Harris to find out more about his Motivational and Team Building Courses.

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