10 March 2022

Make overall health your greatest wealth

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Inner beauty vs. outer beauty. Which should we prioritise? There’s no denying the impact the pandemic has had on our minds and bodies these past two years. We’ve been bombarded with change on every front while looking to find balance and lead healthier lives. However, that’s hard to do when most products on the market are filled with potential harmful ingredients that compromise our healthy living intentions.

On International Women’s Day, Health Central, a leader in alternative healthcare, celebrates the women who choose to live a healthier, more conscious life and shines a spotlight on why more women need to look at alternative healthcare that puts their well-being first.

“Supplementing your life with the right kind of exercise, diet, and mindfulness can make all the difference,” says Health Central Managing Director, Daniel Nel. “It’s no secret that this approach enhances a sense of well-being by flooding the body with the endorphins and nutrients that it needs. But the truth is, this is sometimes not enough. Due to a big influence coming from social media, a large majority of younger women are spending more time on their external beauty regiment, than holistically working on their bodies - from the inside out.”

The new to market e-retailer has steadily been making a name for itself in the wellness industry. Their online store grew considerably in less than a year, doubling the number of high-quality wellness products, while remaining affordable to the average consumer. This provides South Africans with more accessibility to a wider range of natural, healthy alternatives to traditional pharmaceutical medication.

There is constant pressure to look and feel, in particular with women, who are constantly exposed to products to either curb ageing, help them slim down or tone up.  According to Harvard Health, the average woman uses up to 12 different personal care products every day. While we may think every chemical on the ingredients list is tried and tested, this isn’t always the case.

Experts have pointed out that most regulators only look out for short-term problems that may arise, not the harm that could be done over the long term. Furthermore, the study has indicated that the average woman doesn’t fully know the impact that everyday products can have on her well-being.

The truth is, in order to be our best selves, women need to balance both body and mind by thinking of their health holistically. Health isn’t defined as the absence of disease or sickness but a state of optimal wellbeing, wholeness and vitality. This includes everything that’s nourishing for our minds and bodies and getting rid of things that don’t serve our best interests - such as food, medication and any form of toxicity which stems from friendships, relationships, and jobs.

Physical symptoms and illness is the body’s signal that balance needs to be restored. While this causes many of us to rush to the doctor for medication and treatment, taking a holistic approach with a healthcare partner that considers the products that we put in our bodies are important to mental and physical health and wellbeing.

“Health Central is committed to being that healthcare partner for women. Since launching in South Africa, we have been at the forefront of alternative healthcare that is both powered by nature and backed by science. Every product –  from supplements and skincare to food supplies and CBD treatments – is a choice to live a life that is both kind to your body and to the environment,” Daniel says.

“We aim to support women celebrating themselves and their bodies without the toxins of pharmaceutical medication. Women face so many challenges on a daily basis, so worrying about the chemicals they put into their bodies is one less problem to focus on.”

For International Women’s Month, discover alternative healthcare products that put your well-being first. “With our large range of natural products, including an expansive CBD category, we want to empower every woman to live life in a way that makes her feel good inside and out,” Daniel concludes.

Health Central products are available online. Alternatively, visit the Health Centralstore in Cape Town CBD.

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