14 December 2021

Innovative model for supplemental healthcare launched in South Africa

Submitted by Sasha Endemann
Innovative model for supplemental healthcare launched in South Africa

As South Africans increasingly turn to nutritional supplements to help fight against COVID infection, the country’s first truly personalised multivitamin subscription service recently launched nationwide. Vitamin Club was born out of a desire by three Johannesburg-based entrepreneurs to simplify the purchase of vitamins, at a time when wellbeing is top of mind for many.

Together with dieticians, the three co-founders; a tech wizard, a statistician, and an operations expert combined their skills to ensure a statistical match between each individual and their suggested vitamin subscription. This logic was then embedded into a web-based subscription service, which ensures that anyone can find the correct vitamin match based on their individual needs.

CEO and co-founder of Vitamin Club, Damien Westerman explains, “What makes this model unique is that we have partnered with dieticians and explored more than 480 unique vitamin requirements to ensure that your age, gender, diet, weight and fitness are all considered in your vitamin formulation.”

He says, “There are variations of this model elsewhere in the world. With the ongoing concerns around wellbeing, in light of COVID, we felt South Africans would welcome a vitamin service that is custom prescribed, right down to the dosage you personally should be taking, and that is delivered direct to your door.”

Westerman adds, “While people are taking their health more seriously than before, many of us are overwhelmed by the many options available in the vitamin aisle and then also don’t know how much of what we should be taking. This platform takes all the guess work out of multivitamins. Each subscriber takes a short quiz, before their specific formulation is calculated.”

Following the quiz, a personalised vitamin box is delivered directly to the subscriber’s door each month. The dispensing box includes daily sachets of vitamins for the number of days in the month.

All vitamin profiles are manufactured in a category A laboratory that is registered with the South African Pharmacy Council, the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) and the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

For more information visit - https://vitaminclub.co.za/ 


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About Vitamin Club Vitamin Club simplifies your health journey, delivering dietician certified, personalised vitamins to your door. At Vitamin Club, we have married technology, research and logistics to deliver personalised vitamin profiles to you in a simple, cost-effective and convenient way.

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