30 November 2020

Advances In Technology Changing The Health Sector From The Ground Up

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Advances In Technology Changing The Health Sector From The Ground Up


For many the battle to breathe is real and despite substantial reductions, asthma death rates in South Africa are among the highest in the world, with an estimated 18.5 deaths per 100 000 asthma cases.  Prevalence too remains high and although local research is outdated, under and poorly reported, there’s consensus that 15% of children and one in 20 adults in South Africa have asthma. Recognising the need, and in pursuit of better asthma management, medical device company, Akacia Medical & Healthcare Group, has brought ADAMM-RSM™, an award-winning wearable that monitors respiratory functions, into the country.

According to ADAMM-RSM™ spokesperson and Akacia Group CEO, Ronnie Krüger, the lack of adequate diagnosis, treatment, disease management, and access to care, all impact morbidity and mortality in South Africa.

“Asthma cannot be cured, but it can and should be managed to achieve improved symptom control. This in turn may reduce hospitalisations and the economic burden of asthma, while improving quality of life for the asthmatic and their caregivers,” says Krüger. “As the first country in the world to offer the system direct to consumers, we expect that this award winning wearable will totally revolutionise how asthma is managed in South Africa.” 

ADAMM-RSM™is a three-part solution that includes the soft comfortable wearable, a free smartphone app (search ADAMM-RSM) and web portal.  The sophistication of the intuitive, algorithm technology allows the user to configure the wearable to monitor and record data relevant to their unique patterns. This can then be reviewed on a dashboard where trends can be tracked, triggers identified, and all the symptom levels can be reviewed at a glance. This data, which is collected and stored in compliance with the POPI Act, can be shared with family members, caregivers and even the treating physician.

The wearable part of the system is attached directly onto the torso using medical grade-peel-and-stick adhesives. It discreetly identifies and monitors respiratory patterns and parameters, including coughing, in context with activity levels, heart rate and skin temperature. It isn’t a diagnostic device and doesn’t treat asthma. It automates the management of the respiratory condition in a way that the asthmatic simply can’t. By monitoring and recording symptoms, this unique data is used to better understand the disease indicators to get it under control in conjunction with the asthmatic’s preventative and rescue medication. Medication reminders and recording of peak flow meter readings can be enabled as desired.

“As a chronic condition, establishing control requires a solid asthma management plan, which includes keeping a daily asthma diary. This involves measuring and tracking symptoms, and recording and analysing data. These time-consuming activities, often impossible for children, can now be automated and effortlessly managed with ADAMM-RSM™. For caregivers, this also provides objective data around symptom levels, so that there is peace of mind, and a level of freedom knowing that you can understand what’s happening to the asthmatic,” says Krüger.

The device is designed to be used consistently for six to 18 hours every day or night. The more uncontrolled a person’s asthma, the more it should be worn.

“For a long time, medical grade wearables have held the promise of revolutionising patient monitoring and it’s expected that this is what will happen with the unique ADAMM-RSM™ wearable technology,” says Krüger. “Given that asthma cannot be cured, attempts at reducing the disease burden should focus on better management.”

For further information go to: www.adamm.co.za

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Distributor: ADAMM™ products are distributed and marketed exclusively through Akacia Medical & Healthcare Group. A well established and highly connected local medical device company, the group understands the market and is well placed to serve the South African asthma and respiratory conditions audience.

Developer: Leading global digital health provider, Heath Care Originals (HCO), is the developer of the revolutionary award-winning ADAMM™ wearables. All the company’s current wearable solutions are optimsed for respiratory system applications, providing ground-breaking actionable insight into illnesses like asthma. To date HCO has provided these devices in clinical settings, furthering ground breaking research and development in many respiratory diseases. Now, HCO is preparing to launch direct to consumers, so they too can benefit from the technology.

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