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Wednesday, 27 November 2013 13:10

Do Non Surgical Facelift machines really work?

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The Short answer is not all non-surgical facelift machines are equal.  The problem with this is how do you know which are the beauty products that truly give results as stated in the marketing blurb. So when reviewing products that claim to lift and tone and reverse the signs of aging there are some important considerations that need to be met.  We try to find some answers.

So why do so many products not deliver?

According to Dr. Andrea Paolorosso, medical surgeon, specialist in Dermatology and Verneology at Bologna University.

"Devices that use a microcurrent that runs only along the skin surface and diffuses very slightly into underlying muscle affect only the skin's surface and microcirculation (delivery of warm blood to tiny blood vessels). This increase in microcirculation causes an increase in warm blood and thus a rise in temperature. In fact, the treated area generally turns red. As for an aesthetic outcome, this microcurrent causes a sudden but temporary edema so that the treated area looks firmer. As soon as the microcirculation gets back to normal, however, the treated area returns to its original condition."

He further discusses what criteria is needed for a beauty product to be effective:

"In order to obtain a firmer face, it is not sufficient just to maintain the muscle and momentarily plump up the face; it is necessary to recover, or even better, increase the muscular field which has been lost. Nothing can increase muscle size but an active workout and electro stimulation".

So therein lies the rub for a unit to be effective it has to work deep enough as to increase the muscle size if there is no building of the muscle fibres you will not be lifting the face back into a more youthful position.  So when investigating a product ensure that there is a visible contract of the muscles, if you achieving this then your product will with regular use help to combat and even reverse the aging process.  

The Tua Viso delivers on this critical criteria.  Tua Viso machines are a salon grade unit that contracts the the less used facial muscles that have lost tone and slackened over the years using micro-current technology. You will see your muscles contract and relax - it is a complete facila workout.  Each facial treatment position is designed to build the muscles back to give the face an overall lift.  

HMT Marketing imports the Tua Microcurrent beauty range for more information contact Heather on 0114476257

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