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Secret Life Changing Tools - Parts Therapy

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Sometimes in life, there is grit and sand that seems to hold us back. Sometimes we need help turning that sand into a beautiful pearl. If you, yes you, stop now , and cast your mind back.

Yes cast it back to a time and a place or a situation where you had something that you needed to overcome. Got it ? That's right, you remember how you battled with internal conflict, with will power and goals. You tried so hard but something just did not work the way you planned. Do you remember thinking how no matter what you do or how hard you tried, it just never works out.

Was it the diet? A promotion at work? Stopping smoking? Getting through the divorce? Dealing with grief? Fear of failure? Self-esteem issues? Emotional turmoil?

Can you remember how difficult that was? And what emotional anguish kept you up, day and night ?

So what if I told you there was a LIFE HACK (New age term for a life changing trick or shortcut) that could have sorted this all out and had you back on track with little or no emotional anguish.

You would endure little or no stress and torture and you would never ever be held back by that same thing ever again. You would never self-sabotage, and you would understand what it is YOU as an individual need in order to make that very thing that you have been battling with, overcome with absolute ease. What if I told you that you would not need years of therapy, and that it would not cost you your house, your car, or your kidney to make it all possible?

For those of you who know me, I have been practicing Metaphysical Counseling and Hypnotherapy for many years now. I have been on a quest to expand my knowledge and advance my techniques in order to offer the best possible alternatives to my clients. I recently enrolled with the South African Institute of Hypnotherapy (SAIH) and I have come across a technique that can only be described as the Secret Tanzanite of therapeutic techniques.

It's so secret that when you Google it, the results are dismal and not very forthcoming with information. So it leaves you kind of skeptical, with a sense of the unknown. So I decided after attending a demo, and researching, and investigating like only I can, that I would EXPOSE this Secret Tanzanite and share it with everyone I know, as it is deserving of such praise. This little secrets name is PARTS THERAPY, now before you go Google, let me give you the right information. You know I am pedantic about the right tools and the right people.

There are a lot of hick's (hick's is politically correct slang money grabbing liars) out there and if you going to embark on a life changing journey best it be with skilled people that will not abandon you along the way. So make sure you ask to see the Parts Therapy Facilitator Certificate or go to the SAIH website to see they are on the list.

".....Parts Therapy has evolved throughout the years into a very effective technique. When combined with hypnosis and facilitated by someone trained in the use of client centered parts therapy, the results are astounding..."

Claudia Klein (CHT non medical, CPTF, CPTT), is the owner and instructor of SAIH and the Mastermind Training Centre's, she has been taught by Roy Hunter (Co – Founder of Parts Therapy and published author) Claudia is the first, one of only six in the world, to bring professional training of this complex therapeutic technique to the African continent.

With only 5 SAIH Qualified therapists in Cape Town and 6 in Gauteng it's no wonder the secret has remained a secret. The good news is that myself and some other wonderfully gifted individuals will be adding to those numbers in Cape Town and there are a few other Hypnotherapists that are doing training with SAIH in Gauteng.

Now that's good news ! So onto the juicy bits how does this all work, and it works trust me, I am the world's biggest skeptic as you may know. While in the throes of training Claudia quickly (in less than 30min) made my asthma manageable. Yes I can now do 15min on the treadmill with no asthma pump nearby. ( Mmmm.... where is that asthma pump I have not used it that often for 3 or is it 4 weeks now? )

Shhhh! don't tell some of the Doctors or the Psychologists, or they will put a hit out on us would be, and already qualified parts therapists. We really are nice people who just want to help you, to help yourself, so that you can be all you can be.

In the not too distant future Doctors and Psychologists may soon become more accepting of Parts Therapy as it only takes a few sessions for the little things, and a few more for the bigger things. That's right a few sessions, not years or months.

At the same time it's important that I tell you that this is in no way a replacement for any kind of medical treatment, remember complementary therapy is exactly what it says, it complements. So when seeking treatment of anything, mental emotional, physical or even if you do not know what you are looking for but, you know its missing. Remember to include Parts Therapy and Hypnotherapy in your quest; in the long run it could save you hundreds of thousands.

Some of the medical community has never believed the patient could possibly sort many simple diagnoses' out themselves. Drugs are the only way?

I do not think that I should try and explain what parts therapy is all about I will rather refer to and excerpt from the co-founder of Parts Therapy Roy Hunter (taken from the SAIH Website www.hypnotherapy.co.za)


Why Is Parts Therapy Valuable?

Appropriate use of parts therapy can help conflicting parts to achieve resolution. The process is much like conflict resolution, except that the client is role-playing a dialogue with his/her various parts in order to facilitate inner change. This process must be handled appropriately, as it is extremely important that such dialogue between the parts be client-centered rather than therapist-centered. Competent, client-centered parts therapy can help achieve three important hypnotherapy goals: (1) discovering background of problems, (2) facilitating release, and (3) subconscious relearning.

What Are The Benefits?

Clients often learn things about themselves that they previously did not know consciously, as in the following examples:

Linda, a smoker, failed to respond to my usual benefits approach. One part of her wanted to live long and prosper, while another part felt compelled to make a statement of rebellion against a society which is manipulating her into quitting. She decided that it was time for her to make her own decisions instead of being ruled by other people's prejudices against smokers.

Ron, an overweight client who was self-employed, had an inner child that felt he was working too hard, so excess junk food was his only pleasure. Ron's inner child refused to give up evening snacks until Ron agreed to balance his life. Taking more time for personal fun and recreation was the solution.

Randy was a Hypnotherapist who felt unworthy to be in this profession. His perfectionist part felt nothing was good enough unless it was done perfectly. He had to learn to forgive himself for not being perfect. This part learned to be professional instead of perfect, and that his best on one day might be better than his best on another day.

One of the most profound examples of a success is a former epileptic whom I know personally. He experienced two sessions with Charles Tebbetts in the late 1980's. This person overcame both drinking and epilepsy. So dramatic are the results that I've devoted an entire chapter to his story in The Art of Hypnotherapy.

Roy was inducted into the International Hypnosis Hall of Fame in April of 2000 for his written contributions to the field of hypnotherapy. His parts therapy text, Hypnosis for Inner Conflict Resolution: Introducing Parts Therapy (Crown House Publishing, 2005), has received raving reviews.

So now you have it from the horse's mouth, bottom line is that we are made up of tiny puzzle pieces and sometimes those puzzle pieces just no longer fit, or there connecting bits are not the same so the puzzle goes out of sync. We experience this as emotional turmoil and inner conflict and it affects our lives in so many underlying ways we cannot even begin to imagine.

With Parts Therapy you get to uncover those aspects that hold you back, discover what really makes you tick, and make changes that set you up for success.

So have you made your appointment yet? You know there is so much out there for you, the world is your oyster, and you are deserving of the best.

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Daryn Wickham is a well known Metaphysical Practitioner and Life Coach in the Northern Suburbs in Cape Town.  His practical and grounded approach to complimentary medicine has earned him great respect within the local Medical Community.  His logical understanding of these modalities and a feel to believe attitude is what has been his trump card.  Numerous complimentary therapies are offered, therefore a complete and holistic approach to wellbeing is offered to every client.

Corporately he is involved in creating motivated employees and employers and offers training and consulting as regards change, motivation, conflict resolution performance acceleration and stress management using complimentary methods and techniques such as Hypnosis.

Due to popular demand he facilitates short courses and workshops for private individuals in various modalities, as well as personal development coaching in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.  These courses are arranged for small groups and individuals this allows the candidates to gain the most from these experiential and life changing