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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 12:14

Comprehensive Maternity Benefits at Resolution Health

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Resolution Health is offering a bouquet of attractive maternity benefits in 2012 comprising health care cover for consultations, midwife visits and scans.

Depending on the medical aid plan or package you choose to protect your and family’s health, Resolution Health has ensured moms and tots are provided with only the best medical care, and plenty of freebies too!

Monthly contributions start at R1902

From as little as R1902 per month you, your wife and child can tap into the benefits of the Hospital plan, a plan that provides in-hospital benefits at a private hospital of your choice at 100 percent of the scheme rate.  

Included in the cost effective medical aid package is a wide range of risk benefits, maternity benefits and preventative care benefits, while the rewarding ResoBaby programme is an additional maternity bonus, absolutely free!

Resolution Health Maternity Benefits – Plan to Plan

Each plan offered by one of the most financially stable medical aids in South Africa, from the entry level Foundation option to the high end Prestige plan, has maternity benefits that increase exponentially in value according to monthly contributions:

  • Hospital Option -  two specialist, seven GP or nine midwife visits/consultations; 2 x 2D scans and R350 worth of free baby care products
  • Foundation Option - one pre-authorised specialist consultation, GP visits at network provider or nine midwife visits; 2 x 2D scans and baby products valued at R350
  • Progressive Flex option - six specialist, three GP or nine midwife visits/consultations; 2 x 2D scans and R450 worth of free baby care products
  • Progressive Saver option - six specialist, three GP or nine midwife visits/consultations; 2 x 2D scans and baby products valued at R550
  • Prestige option - nine specialist, GP or midwife visits/consultations; 2 x 2D scans and R700 worth of free baby care products

ResoBaby – the free baby programme

The fantastic ResoBaby programme is freely available to all pregnant mums who simply have to activate membership at 32 weeks. This will enable access to a super duper baby care products voucher valued at between R350 and R700, according to your medical aid plan, which can be redeemed at any Resolution Health network pharmacy!

About Resolution Health

Resolution Health is one of the leading medical aid schemes in the country, covering an estimated 150 000 beneficiaries. What it lacks in membership, it makes up for in quality, boasting an A+, the second highest global credit rating possible and one that reveals its ability to pay out on claims in full and on time!

Not convinced? Do a medical aid comparison

If you’re still not convinced Resolution Health offers some of the best maternity benefits in the business, why not do a quick online medical aid comparison?  

Independent financial consultants (  provide all the relevant facts and figures pertaining to the best medical aid schemes in South Africa. If in doubt, visit a medical aid comparison website where you can compare like-for-like, request ‘live’ medical aid quotes and learn more about the financial standing of the top medical aids in South Africa.

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