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Saturday, 23 July 2011 14:29

Floating hotels come to SA for 2010

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Two of the world’s biggest and most luxurious cruise ships will dock at South Africa’s harbours during the FIFA 2010 World Cup, bringing tourists to experience South Africa’s culture and passion for soccer.
Two vessels, each with more than 950 cabins, will head for Durban harbour and Port Elizabeth harbour respectively for the full month of the FIFA 2010 World Cup in a unique cruise experience that gives passengers a chance to live aboard the ship and experience harbour life, whilst also enjoying the soccer matches in the cities they dock at.

Munich-based company, Moltke Promotion GmbH, has partnered with Cape Town-based tour operator, iKapa Tours & Travel to provide transport solutions and day tours for ship passengers during their stay in South Africa.

“We are looking forward to playing host to visitors during 2010 and we believe that our extensive tours will offer enriching experiences for those who come to South Africa,” says Kobus van Heerden, Managing Director of iKapa Tours & Travel.

Chartered by One Ocean Club, a subsidiary of Moltke Promotion GmBH, the two cruise liners will compliment the current luxury accommodation in the three coastal host cities – Durban, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town – and will provide a safe and controlled environment. Clients can enjoy the beauty of the cities and surroundings by taking the day and half day tours offered by iKapa Tours & Travel and its partners.

“Our warm and generous hospitality is also another reason that we’re sure to see many of these guests come back to visit South Africa,” Van Heerden adds.

The MS Noordam, the vessel that will be based in the Durban harbour, will also visit the Port Elizabeth harbour twice - for the quarter-final and for the playoff for the third and fourth place. The MS Westerdam will be moored in Port Elizabeth harbour for the first 14 days of the tournament and will then be cruising between Port Elizabeth and Cape Town for the rest of the tournament.

The One Ocean Club team has extensive experience of utilizing passenger vessels as floating hotels during major sporting events, and was involved with the Olympic Games in Sydney and Athens.

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