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Enjoy a braai without lighting a match

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Contact Details Name : Nabila Mayet Company : Logogog Phone :082 266 3957 or 011 883 3202 Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. URL : (WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Braaivleis and pap, what more could you ask for? And now you don't even have to go to the trouble of even getting out your braai tongs, nor will you have to go to a township Tshisanyama to experience it. The Braai Shack � a new chain of restaurants, on-the-go stores and 'braise on legs' is set to launch in South Africa in March 2010 and revolutionise the South African restaurant experience.
This unique and easy-to-grasp concept is not only aimed at South Africans; it's also targeted at international consumers in want of a true Mzansi meal. The flagship store, situated in the Design District in Rosebank, Johannesburg and opening on 4 March, is sure to draw a crowd. Founder, Liz Sangion, saw a gap in the food market and realised she had to take advantage of it. Says Sangion, 'It's so simple in some ways that people might ask themselves "why didn�t I think of it?"'

The Braai Shack concept is more than just an eating place � you can pick up all your braai gear, or pop in to the butchery section to purchase virtually any cut of fresh meat. Also on offer are catering and events services, so you can throw a party without having to stand behind the fire. Says Mike Baker, Group Product Development and Operations Director and Head Chef, 'With a full butchery as well as fresh produce on offer, it's like a one-stop shop for all your braai requirements.'

Crafted on the vibey Tshisanyama typical of South African townships, the look is 'shack aesthetic', as architect Frans Bergh puts it. And the design incorporates this too. Think pastel hues, peeling paint and corrugated iron, and you get The Braai Shack � simple yet familiar enough for everyone to feel at home.

If you�re looking to add a truly South African flavour to your dining, then this is something traditional with a twist. The Braai Shack offers a 'local is lekker' menu that is as varied as our country�s people. Pick your cut of meat or vegetarian option � whether a gap filler for those who are just peckish, or a giant portion for the makulu appetite � and they'll braai it to perfection. Then pile on some chakalaka or add a fresh salad and sit back to enjoy.

Visit The Braai Shack website at for more information. Logogog - Words at Work.

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