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Reconnecting through Marriage Counselling

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Reconnecting through Marriage Counselling

Unfortunately, in South Africa, the reality of successful marriage does not highlight favourable statistics - showing that as many as 1 in 5 marriages result in divorce. These statistics can be attributed to several reasons, including changing lifestyles and the increased pace of life, that ultimately leaves little room for quality time and communication.  Some of the main reasons for divorce include the negative impact of financial stressors, a lack of healthy communication, infidelity and a change in priorities.

Marriage counselling allows partners to reconnect with one another by identifying problems and receiving guidance on how to overcome them. Marriage counselling provides a safe space for couples to meet with an expert who can help identify the problem and provide advice on how to solve it.

As an experienced life coach, Rudolph van Schoor can provide valuable insights to assist you and your partner in identifying relationship concerns and formulating realistic ways to address these issues.

How marriage counselling can assist you

As part of a range of counselling and coaching services, Rudolph van Schoor from Coaching Cape Town offers guidance in the following ways:

“Through marriage counselling, I can guide you and your partner to embrace improved communication skills, learn to listen to one another and find reasonable solutions to solve the issues your marriage is experiencing.

For couples who are planning to get married, I offer premarital counselling. This counselling aims to assist partners in understanding the individual expectations of their relationship to ensure both parties are on the same page for their future.

I can also assist with marriage enrichment counselling for couples who find themselves in a lull after years of marriage. These sessions aim to assist couples in rekindling their passions and connecting to reintroduce a sense of adventure.

For individuals dealing with divorce, I can assist with counselling to deal with the pain that often follows this experience. This counselling helps you find a healthy way to move forward and embrace life.”

If you feel you and your partner can benefit from marriage counselling services, Rudolph van Schoor can assist. As a professional member of COMENSA, he has the skill and experience to help you take the leap and make the changes needed to improve the relationships that matter most.

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