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Holistic Audiology | Hearing aids, hearing tests and counselling

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Holistic Audiology | Hearing aids, hearing tests and counselling

Hearing connects you with other people and helps your brain connect to information in the world surrounding you. Should you be diagnosed with hearing loss or suspect, you may have hearing loss, seeking the assistance of a professional audiologist to help you move forward is the path to take.

NB Hearing offers comprehensive hearing tests, hearing aids, hearing rehabilitation, and counselling to improve your hearing. Our team of dynamic and motivated individuals are passionate about the field of audiology. If you are diagnosed with hearing loss, we will assist as far as possible to help you reconnect with the people who matter most to you.

More about NB Hearing

Established in 1995, the NB Hearing practice has followed its founder, Dr Buttress, from a private hospital in Johannesburg to its current locations across the Northern and Southern suburbs of Cape Town. Each conveniently located practice is headed by a qualified, registered and trusted audiologist who is compassionate in providing holistic audiology.

Our team's personal experiences have shaped them in this field and allowed them to create meaningful and close-knit relationships with each patient. We continuously strive to positively change the stigma surrounding hearing loss and disorders. We achieve this by providing accurate diagnoses and offering practical solutions to improve hearing problems.

We are a passionate and close-knit team of audiologists striving to change the stigma surrounding hearing loss and hearing disorders by providing patients with accurate diagnoses and effective hearing solutions to improve their quality of life with ear-related problems.

We supply and fit hearing aids

Hearing aids have evolved in sophistication and variety, with the aim of helping individuals hear better. There are numerous types, makes, models, and kinds of hearing aids due to advancements in hearing aid technology. These devices are wearable technology that is constantly being redefined as audiologists and engineers create new and more advanced solutions.

The cosmetic look of a hearing aid is referred to as the device's style. The most popular of these is the 'invisible hearing aid' as it offers more discreet assistance, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable and confident wearing them.

However, this is unfortunately not always a choice, as some types of hearing loss require certain hearing aid styles to provide the best possible assistance. Whatever the case, our team will assist by helping you meet cosmetic preferences as far as possible whilst maintaining the necessary assistive needs.

If you require assistance with choosing an appropriate hearing aid to better your quality of life, the professionals at NB Hearing can fit and supply the necessary devices.

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